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For the third year running RCPI has been flipping burgers for charity at the Prague Burgerfest. The weather was great and the RCPI volunteers worked hard making and selling our very own Dragon Burgers with the secret chilli sauce provided by Mamun. One customer, who was a restaurant owner, was so impressed with our burger that he asked for the recipe. He could not get over the combination of low fat pork mixed with shredded apple plus a few other ingredients.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped at Burgerfest 2018. Especially of course to Casey who not only organised the event but also stood in our burger stall for two days making Burgerfest a success. An equally big THANK YOU to the Rotarians who could not attend in person, however made generous donations to Burgerfest 2018.
Student Exchanges are very much a part of Rotary International and RCPI is proud to welcome our exchange student, Sheila, from Colorado to our beautiful city. Have a great time in the Czech Republic!

Dear members, Rotary friends, visitors and prospective members,

Hello, my name is Josef Simpartl and would like to welcome you to our club, Rotary Club Prague International.

There are more Rotary clubs in Prague, however our club is the only English-speaking club with probably the largest diversity of home countries of our club members, ranging from Bangladesh through Hungary, Czechia, Germany, Sweden, France, United Kingdom down to Mexico, USA and Canada. And I am sure I have just missed many more countries from which our members came from.

The other unique thing about our club is that we have a great variety of life and work background and experiences, age and interests. In combination with the fact that we are male and female club, all this contributes to a great atmosphere and dynamism of our meetings and club activities.

There are many things that make our club active and vibrant. It is our projects, for example, cooking and selling own home-made burgers during a largest Burger festival in the country, paddling at Dragon boat race challenge, great charitable gala evening, selling lunches during Indian lunch project (and many more) that help us to stay true to Rotary vision - “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”.

We like to invite interesting speakers to our club meetings to inspire us and extend our knowledge. 

I like our Fun club meetings, happening once a month, that are organized to add new dimension and energy to our club life.

I will be very happy if you visit our club and if you chose to participate in our club activities, either during your short visit to Prague or if you are curious to find out more and are interested to join our club and a large Rotarian family. You will be always welcomed.

Sincerely Yours, 



President 2018/19
RC Prague International

Dr. Vladimír Beneš kindly agreed to be the guest speaker at a recent RCPI club meeting. Dr Beneš explained the history of neurosurgery and how three generations of his family became neurosurgeons. "Neurosurgery is not something one does lightly", said Vladimír, "it involves interventions which are irreversible, hence we spend a great deal of time on diagnostics which over the years have advanced tremendously from the original x-rays". Members and visitors thanked Vladimír for a truly interesting and enlightening presentation.
At our club meeting yesterday RCPI President Helen Helen Murphy Noll recounted the many and varied activities which the club engaged in during the past Rotary year. Helen congratulated all members and friends for their tremendous efforts, enthusiasm and energy which make RCPI such an active club. Helen passes the presidency to Josef Simpartl who thanked Helen for her leadership and will present his plan for the club at the next meeting.
RCPI is the lead international partner in the installation a global grant WASH project in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Many schools do not have adequate toilet facilities for boys and girls. There are often no hand washing facilities and little or no hygiene education.
Working with RC Udaipur Heritage our project aims to provide schools, install or upgrade the toilet facilities for boys and girls in 51 schools, we will also provide a menstrual hygiene programme.  We expect to reduce related illnesses, improve school attendance and therefore have happy, better educated children.
Fernanda introduced Dr. Ivo Krysa, the director of the department of general and communal hygiene - Public Health Authority of the City of Prague. Ivo presented a fascinating insight into the world of Public Health to members at our recent meeting. From the policies which underpin Public Health through to education programmes for school Children Ivo explained the importance of public health in developing the well being of the population. Initiatives range from HIV through smoking to HIV. "There are many areas where we are at work, even in this room" said Ivo, "this includes drinking water quality and the food hygiene controls."
Following the presentation there was a lively round of questions and answers including a discussion relating to smoking and the initiatives to reduce the number of smokers, particularly amongst the young.
RCPI President Helen Noll thanked Ivo for his presentation and the insights into something we could easily take for granted, drawing on her recent experiences of the RCPI club visit to India where public health has quite different and more fundamental challenges.
Július Tomka introduced members and friends of RCPI to the strategy of District 2240 at our recent club meeting. In his speech he outlined the three themes of Membership, Image and Opportunities for the Young and being central to the work of Rotary International at the district level. With over 1400 members and 76 clubs, the district covers the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Clubs range from RCPI as the largest with 50 members to smaller clubs with less than 10 members. Yulo encouraged Rotarians to share the ideas and collaborate at District events so that best practice is transmitted from one club to another. "not everything which is applicable in a club of 50 members will be practical in a small club" said Yulo, "however many good ideas can be shared and adapted to work".
Yulo went on to explain how 3 new clubs are in the process of being founded at the moment and how he believes we can strengthen the collaboration with Roteract throughout the district.
Helen Noll, President of RCPI, thanked Yulo for visiting our club and for his very informative presentation. The club gave Yulo a warm reception with a hearty round of applause. Yulo was accompanied by Ilja Chocholous who is well known to members of RCPI through his great support of activities including the Annual Dragon Boat Event
The stories above are only the most recent stories of what we have been getting up to. To see the full list of stories click HERE

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