Speechless Reconciliation is an ambitious program that was born in our club in the February 2021. From the first moment the Speechless Reconciliation was introduced, this program was endorsed by active participation and intensive involvement by many members of ours.

Why Speechless Reconciliation?

In the European countries and beyond there are many marginalized youths living in homes for children without proper parental care. Our objective is to take small groups of these children from different national, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and give those youngsters opportunities to build understanding and create bridges between themselves and to expand their vision of what it is possible to achieve in their own lives.

We believe that prejudices can be overcome by bringing young people together to share ideas and thoughts and take part in common activities. It is in this way that they recognize the things that connect them as human beings. 
The Speechless Reconciliation consists of 2 different phases. 

The first phase is the 10-day developmental camp where with the help of the professional trainers the youngsters based on their age are working either on designing their future direction or finding their skills and talents. Groups of youth in the age between 16-21 years – usually 6 from each of the 6 participating facilities, one in each project country – spend days in workshops, getting to know more about each other: their ethnic, religious, social backgrounds, personal histories, feelings, dreams for the future, and more, to build understanding between them and to expand their visions of what is possible in their own lives. Two months after the developmental camp, the youngsters' plans are assessed, and various questions are asked to find out if the youngsters are still interested in pursuing the plan that they designed during the developmental camp or if we can support them in other possible way.

This is then followed by as we call it 2nd phase where youngsters get offered different kinds of opportunities for their professional and personal growth such as mentoring, coaching, internships, online course to help them with transition towards an independent life. To amplify the impact of this phase, an online “matching opportunities” platform will be established to support both „demand and offer.”
We believe that a perfect mixture of intercultural, professional, and self-developmental opportunities will empower them enough to be able to create a lasting change in their communities and to prepare them for an independent living, with an emphasis on employability and community integration. 
Rotarians from the different clubs in the cities where the participating facilities are located will possibly take on the task of identifying the possible opportunities for the young people within their network or with the help of local companies and other organizations. The other Rotary clubs, companies and organizations from different countries will also try to identify the opportunities corresponding to the needs of the young people identified during the first phase of the project.
If you would like to know more about the program, please visit the website of the Speechless Reconciliation or social media accounts:
Website https://www.speechlessreconciliation.org/ 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Speechlessreconciliation
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/speechless_reconciliation/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/speechless-reconciliation/
You can also donate to Speechless Reconciliation via Darujme.cz