9 December 2023 - As the festive season wrapped its warmth around us, Rotary Club Prague International embraced the true essence of Christmas – the joy of giving. In a heartwarming celebration at the children's home in Zatec, Czech Republic, we not only brought festive cheer to the young residents but also honored an extraordinary individual, Mgr. Lenka Woloszczuková, for her dedication and service.
A Home of Hope and Care
The children's home in Zatec, under the compassionate leadership of Mgr. Lenka Woloszczuková, has been a beacon of hope and care for many children. Lenka’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and supporting these young lives embodies the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self." Recognizing her remarkable contributions, RC Prague International was honored to award her with a Paul Harris Fellow – a testament to her selfless service and impact on the community.

A Festive Celebration to Remember

The event was a tapestry of joy, laughter, and the magic of Christmas. Our special guest, the talented singer Radek Banga, lit up the room with his melodies, filling the air with excitement and happiness. His performance was not just entertainment; it was a message of love and hope to the children, reminding them that they are cherished and valued.
Gratitude to Ota Hlidek

Such a memorable event doesn't come to life without passionate individuals working behind the scenes. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our member Ota Hlidek, whose dedication and organizational skills were instrumental in making this event a success. Ota's commitment to bringing this project to fruition exemplifies the spirit of Rotary and its members' dedication to community service.
The Joy of Giving

As we shared gifts and smiles, it was evident that the true gift was the opportunity to connect, to bring a moment of joy to the children, and to recognize a fellow servant of the community. This event was more than a Christmas celebration; it was a reminder of the power of community, kindness, and the impact we can have when we come together for a common cause.
Looking Ahead
As RC Prague International continues its journey of service, this event stands as a shining example of what we can achieve. It reinforces our commitment to supporting our community and acknowledges the heroes among us, like Mgr. Lenka Woloszczuková, who make the world a better place.
Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year

As we move forward into the new year, we carry with us the memories of this beautiful event and the inspiration it has instilled. We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a new year filled with peace, happiness, and the spirit of giving.
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