RCPI is proud to support SANANIM. Founded in 1990, SANANIM is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the Czech Republic with 16 facilities providing complex services in the area of prevention, treatment and re-socialization of non-alcoholic drug addictions. Besides direct services for clients, all facilities offer professional consultations and internships for specialists and students.
The main fundraising event, which has proven to be a great success, is SANANIM gala dinner held each year in October. Check our calendar for the next one!
SANANIM drug services mission statement:
"We do not wish to walk indifferently away from those who have lost faith in themselves, in their fellows, in their very human existence. Those who on their path through life have sought refuge in a drug and have thereby come to know its hidden face, a face which reveals itself with a ruthless logic - the face of suffering, pain, loneliness, oppression, and death. We wish to offer a helping hand to all who yearn for it, to all who have sounded an SOS. And we wish to warn those who see in drugs the symbol of a magical, mysterious, or romantic revolution, or the escape from an otherwise hostile reality."