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Races take place on the 12th of May 2018
at Žluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, 140 00 Praha 4-Podolí
The 9th Rotary Dragon Boat Charity Challenge is a part of the Prague Dragon Boat Festival -
the oldest Dragon Boat race in Czech Republic - organized by Czech Dragon Boat Association.

Click HERE for more information and how to join in the fun
Janet Feinstein and Pawel Farsky attended our recent club meeting at the invitation of one of our members and presented their fundraising project to help the Motol Hospital Pediatric Oncology department: A Valentine Cabaret Fundraiser held at Divadlo Korunni on the 17th February 2018 at 20:00h. More information is available at www.bit.ly/vcabaret.
This is not an RCPI event.
Jan Dohnálek from the charity ICTUS came to our recent club meeting to explain how ICTUS is helping those who have suffered a stroke. "Many stroke victims find their condition has dramatically changed their life so much so that they cannot see a way forward" said Jan, "ICTUS is there to guide, assist and show that it is absolutely possible to approach life after a stroke with a positive attitude and through therapies to bring joy and a positive view of the future".
ICTUS is a well established charity which works with stroke victims throughout the Czech Republic through a large network of volunteers and professionals providing many different services. "from a listening ear and a friendly visitor to swimming lessons, outings, ICTUS is there to help those with stroke live fuller lives and explain that the situation is far from hopeless" explained Jan.
One of the activities Jan focused on as especially beneficial are the swimming therapy sessions where volunteers work with those who have suffered a stroke to restore movement, build muscles and above all develop self confidence and a sense of achievement. The sessions cost just CZK 150 each and a course of ten sessions can truly make a difference. However finding the funding is difficult.
RCPI Member Marie Jehličková presented Jan with a donation of CZK 36,000 which Marie and others raised through a number of golf events. Jan was, needless to say, delighted.
You too can help by making a donation which will fund swimming lessons. Just click on the donation button below or go to our special donation page for Swimming Lessons for Stroke Victims.
Ota, Eduard, Jiri
It was a privilege and a delight to welcome Eduard Kollert to our recent club meeting. Eduard is 14 years old and is an absolutely astounding violinist. He decided to learn the violin after he and his father attended a performance of maestro Josef Suk. He attended  the Prague School of Music aged 7 where his talent was developed further. After just two years he performed Bach’s Violin concerto and Beethoven Piano concerto at a concert with the Prague Philharmonia. He was invited by the Spanish royal family to play at a special recital in Palacio del Pardo in Madrid. Since then he has performed and won prizes and competitions in  Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech republic, Russia. Recently he opened the “Young Prague” festival in cooperation with the Prague Spring festival with Prokofiev’s second violin concerto with Prague Philharmonia.
Eduard is studying in Switzerland and continues to enthrall audiences with his talents.
Eduard was accompanied to RCPI by his father Jiri who is an accomplished and celebrated pianist. Jiri is tremendously proud of Eduard's accomplishments however commented that whilst Eduard has many followers who appreciate his abilities and enjoy his music, funding for his education and instruments is not so readily available.


Andras, Greg, Diana, Fernanda, Helen
RCPI welcomed Greg and Diana as members of our club at a 'pinning' ceremony held at our regular venue, the Holiday Inn at the Convention Centre in Prague. Led by Greg and Diana all members recited the Rotary 4 way test to remind us all that we are in members of Rotary to do good and to place service above self.
"Welcoming new members is a privilege and an honour for the club and the members" said Helen Noll, President of RCPI addressing the Members, "when two individuals chose to dedicate themselves to the work of Rotary we all have an obligation to welcome them to Rotary and to show how we live by the values of Rotary".
If you are interested in joining Rotary please contact Fernanda who is our Membership Chair. membership@rcpi.club
Irena Brichter presented four visitors to our club meeting with a special lapel pin to recognise their contribution as Rotary Alumni. Denisa, Albert, Natalie and Ralph have all been part of one or more Rotary programes in the past.


You qualify for this status if you participated in any of the following programs:

, , , New Generations Service Exchange, (RYLA), , (funded by global grants or district grants), (members and leaders), Ambassadorial Scholarships, Grants for University Teachers, Group Study Exchange (members and leaders), and Rotary Volunteers.

At our club meeting Denisa and Albert, both Rotary Exchange Students, presented to club members and friends a glimpse of the highlights of their Rotary Youth Exchange. Denisa flew West and spent the best part of a year in Canada attending school and learning about the country and the culture. Albert traveled East to Taiwan where he spent his time with host families near Taipei. Albert commented that this really was an immersion in a different culture. His stay involved him learning Chinese rather rapidly since in one of his host families no English was spoken.
Both Albert and Denisa said how much they enjoyed the Rotary Youth Exchange programme.
Martin and Birger oversee the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme for RCPI. To contact them email youth@rcpi.club
At a recent meeting of RCPI, Nelly and Naomi presented Sananim with a cheque for CZK 257,000 (€10,000). The donation was as a result of the Gala Dinner which Naomi and Nelly organised for the charity and represents a record, topping even the very successful 2016 Gala.
Jiri Richter, Pepa Sedivy and Agáta Jankovská received the donation and thanked RCPI for the donation which will make a real difference to the lives of those being rehabilitated. Jiri commented that such a donation is particularly welcome in the uncertain times when state funding is continually being reviewed.
Founded in 1990, SANANIM is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the Czech Republic that provides complex services in the area of prevention, treatment and re-socialization of non-alcoholic drug addictions.
His Excellency, Ambassador Daniel Meron of Israel and his wife visited our club where he gave an excellent speech focusing on the Czech - Israeli relationships and how an active exchange takes place between the two countries at many levels. Over 200,000 Israelis visit the Czech Republic every year whilst Skoda cars represent the third most popular make of car driven in Israel. Israel is renowned for many innovations including in the field of technology, computer software, pharmaceuticals and water management. In the latter area a delegation of 60 experts from the Czech Republic recently visited Israel to learn about effective water management and conservation, in particular drip irrigation technologies developed in Israel.
In 1990 Václav Havel visited Israel and in his memory a small garden can be found in Jerusalem with a commemorative plaque recalling the visit. In Prague, the Israeli community is very active organising film festivals and celebrations including the most recent attendance at the DSA Christmas Market.
Ambassador Meron has a long and distinguished diplomatic career which started some 30 years ago with a posting to Cyprus and has led via many countries and postings to his most recent move to Prague earlier this year.  Ambassador Meron is well informed about Rotary, his father was the President of Rotary Club Jerusalem and he was taken to meetings by his father on numerous occasions. In the spirit of Rotary, the club welcomed members of all faiths.
Following the presentation, RCPI members asked numerous questions ranging from the political situation to the formation of startup companies. RCPI President, Helen Noll,  and Members thanked the Ambassador for his very interesting and enlightening presentation and wished him and his wife success in the Czech Republic.
On Monday October 10, we had the visit of Gary Powers junior, whose father was the pilot of the U2 spyplane that was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960, who was captured and subsequently exchanged for a Soviet spy who had been apprehended in the U.S. Gary made a great presentation about the event, which would also define his own life, the historical context including some myth busting, showed video and photo material. The event has been captured both in various books and in the recent movie Bridge of Spies (the title referring to the exchange that took place over the famous Glienicker Bridge between Berlin and Potsdam). Much more importantly, Gary has made it his life’s mission to educate the public, and especially the “young public”, all over the world about the Cold War, the historical context, the circumstances that led to it and how it came to sustain that delicate but dangerous balance for so long. He has worked with both private and public, educational and commercial  institutions, museums etc. in the Americas and Europe. He is now on a trip through Europe, with official invitations to Prague, Berlin and Warsaw.
Following his presentation, lively discussions evolved to which many participants contributed their observations and personal memories of the time of the Cold War, obviously from both sides of the former Iron Curton. How important it is to keep the memories of that period alive and not leave it to the history books!
Good news for Indian food lovers!  Indian Food Helps! is back and will be delivering wonderful Indian lunches to offices around the city for two weeks commencing 30 October 2017.
The Curry House restaurant which has been voted the Best place in Prague for Indian Food is again preparing your lunches.  With new dishes on the menu and no delivery charges, life will taste good for you soon.
Read all about it HERE
The 27th Sananim Charity Gala takes place on Saturday the 21st October at the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague. Many generous individuals and organisations have donated prizes for the charity auction which will take place on the night. Here is a selection - come and join in the Gala and place a bid at the auction.
Donations for auction
InterContinental Hotel
Hotel Stay in Suite 
InterContinental Hotel
ZP Brunch
Hotel Stay 
weekend stay w breakfast, Germany 
Hotel Stay 
2 nights B+B Hotel Laurin in Bolzano Italy
AJETO Glassworks/LASVIT in Lindava/nový Bor
Glass Vase 
COncert tickets 26/10
2 tickets Nocholas Cave @O2
L'Occitane gift box
Sara McAulay
Personal training
Slim Diet 
Box of Nutritional Meals for 7 days 
Nama Fiji
Isagenix system
African Safari
min 2,500 USD
2 Nights stay in Jenstejnska
Go Pro Hero 5 black 
Black handbag
Red handbag
Lisa Hoffman frargrance jewelry
Echo Dot
Magical Christmas Wand to light tree
LA Kings offficial signed hockey jersey
Dejvice Dent
dental exam & voucher
Fernanda Escobar Illoldi & Krzysztof
Spanish products (wine, gourmet food, olive oil)
Jenny Day 
Prague Green City Guide
Jaroslav Endrst
Segway Tour 3 hours for 2
Jaroslav Endrst, Galard Tailor 
bespoke shirt from Galard Tailor 
Ivan Galik
Walking tour for 2
Ivan Galik
Walking tour for 2
SANANIM social services
Pig Fest
SANANIM social services
Dinner for 4
SANANIM social services
Goose Fest
Pepa Streda 
A & J
Hugo car share voucher
IT services voucher
Horse riding lesson
1 hour Sr. William Wallace with trainor
Greens fee for 2 Mlada Boleslav
Restaurant Certificates
Curry House 
Old St. Andrews Club House Whiskey
SANANIM social services
Blue tea set
SANANIM social services
Xmas wreath
SANANIM social services
Angel statue
SANANIM social services
3x star candle (for tombola?)
Lobkowicz voucher for membership 
Congress Centre
Rocky Musical Tickets for 2 
Thomas Kent, President of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty,  joined us at one of our club meetings where he explored how news is assimilated, edited, influenced, distributed and digested.
Tom joined Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on June 27, 2016 after a career of more than 40 years at The Associated Press. Most recently, he was AP’s standards editor, responsible for the fairness and accuracy of the news agency’s content in text, photos, video, audio, interactives, and on social networks. Tom outlined how news gathering has changed and how forces with vested interests exert influence on audiences through many and varied channels. 'Even a picture is not always what it may be reported to be', said Tom, as he showed examples of images which have been used to support unfounded stories. He explained the construct and mission of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty and in particular that both organisations set out to cover local news in countries where state media bias is rife. Tom's presentation was revealing and truly thought provoking - knowing which source to trust and how to cross check information is a skill which is ever more important in the information age where news is disseminated through many channels within seconds of the event happening anywhere in the world.
Helen Noll, RCPI President, thanked Tom Kent for his truly insightful presentation to the club.
After a busy summer RCPI is back to a regular programme of meetings and events. This includes awarding members who joined recently with their official RCPI membership certificates. Casey presented the certificates to Jan, Anthony, Daniel and Frank as Rotarians and Friends attending our regular Monday meeting applauded.
We are privileged to be visited by Rotarians from many different countries and so it was at our recent club meeting where Igor joined us representing his club in Macedonia. Helen Murphy Noll, President of RCPI, welcomed Igor and exchanged banners as a sign of Rotary friendship.
It was a proud moment both for Jan and the club when Sanan presented the Rotary Pin, formally welcoming him as a member of Rotary and of our Club. In her capacity as chair of the Membership Committee, Fernanda set out what it means to be a Rotarian and reminding all present that Service above self is the foundation of the organisation. Jan led all members in reciting the 4 way test and Casey presented Jan with his membership certificate. Rotarians applauded as Jan thanked Sanan for being his sponsor and the club for welcoming him.
Fernanda, Jan, Sanan, Casey
In a first for RCPI we were joined yesterday evening by Dan Sokell and Matthias De Beenhouwer via video conference from the UK and Zambia. Dan and Matthias are part of WeForest, our partner organisation in the Trees for Life initiative. Dan and Matthias explained to Rotarians and friends how WeForest is engaged in sustainable reforestation. Planting trees really makes a long term difference not only to the planet but also very directly to the lives of the farmers and their families in Zambia. For more information go to our Trees for Life Page
We really missed our dear friends from RC Bristol this weekend who could not attend the annual hike due to the cancellation of their flight. The hike took place nevertheless and we explored monasteries and ruined castles as well as beautiful Cesky Krumlov. The weather was kind to us and the autumn created memorable backdrops as woodlands displayed their green, orange and fiery red foliage. As usual on the Rotary Club walks we chatted and laughed not only whilst walking but also late into the night with good Czech beer and maybe just one or two Becherovka.
To see more pictures go to the ALBUM
Following the great success of the past years the Sananim Anniversary Gala will once again take place on the 21st October at the Zlata Praha Restaurant on the top floor of the Prague Intercontinental Hotel. Naomi is, as in previous years, organising the event with her team of helpers with the proceeds donated Sananim. The album of pictures from the spectacular event last year is available here.
For more information and tickets click HERE
Yulo Tomka mentions RCPI in his latest letter to all clubs. We have teamed up with the District in the Trees for Life initiative and all clubs in District 2240 have been invited to join us in planting trees in Zambia in association with WeForest, our NGO partner. You can read Yulo's letter by clicking on the links (English Letter) (Appendix) (Trees for Life invitation).
President RCPI 2017/18
That was the feeling of 16 children from the Zatek orphanage who enjoyed a day out at the Internationales Märchenfilm-Festival "fabulix" in Annaberg-Bucholtz thanks to Rotary Club Prague International.
Rotarians Filip Albrecht and Sanan Phutrakul organised the visit which turned out to be 'the best trip ever' as described by the children on their return.
Filip's inspiration founded the festival and he organised many special surprises for the children which started with a Czech viewing of “Korunni Princ” in the main square. They met a real life Princess and Prince (Alexandra and Georg zur Lippe) in a private reception and the Mayor, Rolf Schmidt, who presented the children each with a bag full of gifts to remember the day by.  A highlight was the the “Merchen Bergparade” followed by the closing show of the festival and as well as a tour of the Barrandov Studio museum dedicated to fairy tale costumes. For many of the children that had not only been a spectacular day but also their first excursion to to Germany adding another highlight to an already packed day.
The children had more food, ice cream and cookies than they could eat and in the end were a very very happy and tired bunch as the coach made its way back to Prague.
Rotary - making a difference to the lives of others.
Bob Boudreaux joined Rotarians and friends at our meeting this week as our guest speaker. Bob started his career in the US military, however decided that addressing audiences was more his thing and, after leaving his post as a helicopter flight instructer, took on a post as television news reporter and anchorman. After 13 years as Channel 13 news anchor, it was a chance meeting with Guy Roberts at the Huston Shakespeare festival which changed his career direction once more and Bob joined The Prague Shakespeare Company where he has continued his acting career.
"Shakespeare in English language is not a new idea." said Bob, "After the plague struck in England all theatres were closed whilst those in central Europe remained open. A number of actors traveled to Bohemia in order to make a living and brought with them English language Shakespeare".
Bob enthralled the audience with an explanation of the cadence of Shakespeare "10 beats a line - just like the human heart when spoken" and the background to a production which Bob is producing which has a very personal connection: Man of La Mancha written by Dale Wasserman. Bob told the audience that this play was the career tipping point for him from flight instructor to actor. "I saw the play whilst on a short leave from the services. It just captured me as it has captured audiences ever since. A play within a play within a play. A story of transformation which is as applicable now as it was when first written. It is all about recognising the good in others and transforming." Our very own RCPI Member, Linda, has recently published an interview with Lane Davis who start in the production.
Man of La Mancha plays from the 6th of October in Prague.
Bob is a former Rotarian and Paul Harris fellow.
Gabriela Selinger and Pavel Kholl joined our recent club meeting to present the work of SKP HOPO, Středisko křesťanské pomoci Horní Počernice, the Christian Aid Centre which provides accommodation and care for displaced families. Gabriela explained how easy it is to fall into a poverty trap and how families are often separated in the process of being placed in the social system, SKP HOPO differentiates by offering accommodation for entire families so that the family unit remains together at this crucial time of stress and change.
Over 3000 individuals have been helped by the centre since its founding in 1999, with around about 80 people in residence at any one time. The foundation has been restoring and adding to the large historic castle in Praze-Horních Počernicích which was  used as an orphanage from 1927 to 1947 and then underwent a series of ownership changes including nationalisation.
"There are many stories of people who need help due to being made homeless", said Gabriela, "some are due to a series of incidents which build up over time and result in a family loosing its home. It is out mission to assist and help through housing and other means to put these families back on their feet."
The maximum stay for a family at the foundation is one year as dictated by Czech law. Club members asked Gabriela and Pavel many questions and if you would like more information about the work of the foundation please contact Gabriela by EMAIL.
Rotary Club Prague International will once again be selling Burgers for Charity at the annual Burgerfest held at the Holesovice exhibition ground. Apart from burgers there is live entertainment which makes for a great day out sampling the best Prague has to offer. We are looking for volunteers to help cook the burgers, serve and to assist with the logistics.
The slots are:
Friday 8th September - 6pm to 9pm - Setup of stall
Saturday 9th September - 9:30 to 14 - Burger cooking and selling
Saturday 9th September - 14 to 18 - Burger cooking and selling
Saturday 9th September - 18 to 22 - Burger cooking and selling
Sunday 10th September - 10 to 14 - Burger cooking and selling
Sunday 10th September - 14 to 17 - Burger cooking and selling
Sunday 10th September - 17 to 21 - Burger cooking and selling (plus taking down stall)
Plus any other offers of help such as drivers to collect burger buns.
Volunteers please email PR@RCPI.CLUB indicating when you can help.
Rotary District of Czech Republic & Slovakia and Rotary Club Prague International have partnered with WeForest to plant trees in Zambia. WeForest have a long track record of successful projects which not only involve planting trees but also creating a sustainable eco system to benefits the community as well as the planet.
WeForest has been operating for many years and has a successful reforestation programme in the Luanshya district of Zambia. The project is based on sustainable reforestation which includes not only planting trees but also delivering benefits for the local community so that the trees become part of the income and livelihood of the community. Our participation was prompted by Iain Riseley, RI President, who challenged all Rotary Clubs to plant one tree for every member by April 28th 2018 - we have exceeded that target already and have raised funds for over 1700 trees
To find out more and join in click HERE
The stories above are only the most recent stories of what we have been getting up to. To see the full list of stories click HERE

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