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RCPI is the biggest and the most dynamic club in the District and at our last meeting we reflected on the past year (The new Rotary Year starts in July) and our achievements. 30 Rotarians and guests came on Thursday night to regular venue at Barcelo hotel, to find out how successful our Rotarian Year has been and Vlasta Krahulcova passed presidency of RCPI to Petr Smejcky.
What does it mean to be a member of the biggest and the most dynamic club?
We kept doing what we are good at:
  • Indian Food Lunch Delivery
  • Christmas Wine Sale
  • Members for Members Dinner
  • Dragon Boats
  • Prague Night Bike Ride
  • Youth Exchange
In 2014/15 we supported following activities and charities…
  • Polio plus
  • Život 90
  • Our Child Founhdation
  • Project Patrik
  • Indian School
  • TIPA Turkana
  • Modrý klíč
  • Good Will Foundation
  • Modrý klíč
  • Škola Klíček
 And let's not forget the International dimension – these clubs are closely co-operating with RCPI
  • RC Montreal
  • RC Coral Gables
  • RC Goldener Rieter Dresden
  • RC Bristol
  • Graz konference
  • RC Tollhattan
We held 50 meetings and we had exciting and interesting guests coming and sharing their experience with us.
We welcomed 11 new members and currently have 48 members in total!
We introduced new web and Facebook pages!
Do you want  to become a member of RCPI family? Contact Sanan at or come in and see us at club meetings or following events.
Save the dates:
September 21, 2015 – Golf Tournament – supporting Matilda fund – contact Marie Jehličková for details
Rotary Hike and meeting with RC Bristol and RC Dresden Clubs – October 7 and 8 – contact Petr Šmejcký for details
Yes, we all are RCPI and we love having fun doing good!

At an award ceremony in Prague the Rotary Club Prague International handed over a record 400,000 CZK (€14,500) to charity from the proceeds of the 2015 Dragon Boat Charity Challenge. Twenty Six teams entered and over 1000 people attended the event which was held on the 23rd May at Žluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží, Praha. Participation was the name of the game and crews from companies, clubs and societies, including one from Germany, entered into the spirit of the event. The winning team was Rotary Club Stare Mesto.  The main beneficiaries are ŽIVOT 90, an organisation providing a wide range of services for senior citizens and Nadace Naše Dítě who offer much needed help and support for many children in very difficult circumstances.

A big thank you from the Rotary Club Prague International goes to all who took part, the companies and organisations who sponsored the event and of course all who made such generous donations of time and money to make the event possible.

The Rotarians set off this morning on the Midsummer Dawn Cycle Ride around Prague. Despite a little drizzle of rain, the spirits were high as the group wound their way through the streets of the city visiting significant landmarks along the way such as Vysehrad Castle, Old Town Square, The Žižkov Television Tower, Prague Castle, Petrin Park and many more. The drizzle ceased half way through the ride, spirits rose and the pace quickened.
At 5am on a Saturday morning the city is quite different from the buzzing tourist metropolis which it will become again just a few hours later. The last party goers are on their way home, there are few cars about and those which are navigating the streets are mostly taxis taking home the revellers who started their fun many hours before on Friday evening. The early dog walkers are out as well as of course the deliveries bringing fresh produce to the cities hotels and restaurants. As we ride there is a light scent of rain on cobbled streets, blossom opening and the occasional whiff of freshly baked bread emanating from the many bakeries which have been busy throughout the night.
At 8:30 the ride returns to Mala Strana and we enjoy a hearty breakfast at Cukrkávalimonáda who have opened their doors especially early for us on this occasion. Petr has organised a quiz and the riders, strengthened by food and coffee, complete question, solve riddles and identify pictures with a prize at stake. We also raised 6000 Czk for charity along the way!
A big thanks goes to Petr Smejcky for organising the event. If you enjoy this kind of event and want to find out more, come ans join us at one of our regular Thursday evening meetings. Everyone is welcome.

Our Stories....


Rotary Club Prague International hosted 20 members and 11 guest.  They all came to listen to Radka Machova, the only women pilot leading formation the world for The Flying Bulls team.
Radka Machova has to keep her eye on the ball at all times. Three other pilots looking to her for instructions as they fly within a hair’s breadth of each other.
The Czech pilot, who got her wings while studying at the University of Transportation, Air Transport Department in Žilina, Slovak Republic, stays calm under pressure and has a lifetime’s experience in the cockpit to call upon, when things get tough. Radka shared with us her view on how 15 minutes of flying equals to 8 hours of mining as formation aerobatics is the most challenging way of flying.  She mentioned how she succeeded after a 67 years old colleague of her resigned, testing male pilots first and only after their failure Rada was successful.

Did you know that in order to perform aerobatics overseas, it takes them 3 days to disassemble the plane so that it can be shipped by sea container, then the team have to assemble the plane, perform for three days and then disassemble the plane again?  Each member is responsible for his/ her plane assembly!
Incredible stories, inspiring personalities.  Come to RCPI to be part of the group that combines charity with inspiration!
Contact Sanan at if interested in coming.
Linda Štucbartová, Club Secretary

This year I attended the Rotary District 2240 conference which was held on 22-23 May 2015 in Košice, Slovakia, a beautiful albeit remote city in eastern Slovakia. Unfortunately, I was the only attendee from RCPI along with Irena Brichta who was in attendance as Past District Governor. Our lack of numbers was wholly due to the fact that our Dragon Boats competition was on the same day. Jozefa Polakova, this year's district governor had excused the club from attending, but it's important for RCPI to attend because, due to our size, we are in the only club in the district with two executive votes. 51 of the district's 72 clubs were represented that weekend.
Friday's opening event started with a group photo and a musical/dance performance by the Roma group Romathan. They were excellent. Prague's Assistant Governor Ilja Chocholouš even allowed himself to take a selfie with me along with Theodor from RCP Stare Mesto. I met the GSE group from Pennsylvania and had a nice exchange with all of them. We all went back to the Hilton DoubleTree where the conference was being held for a night cap and comradery because we all knew the next day was going to be very long. On a side note, I was very curious what such a world class hotel was doing smack in the middle of a town that has a tiny population and seemingly no tourist appeal except for the exceptionally beautiful city centre. I later learned that Košice is the headquarters of U.S. Steel and this was confirmed when I met and chatted to two very obviously American steel workers from New
Jersey hanging out in the lobby having a beer. The Hilton is where they all stay when they are working here.
Saturday's conference started and we basically spent the morning discussing last year's budget and next year's budget. The district had a surplus in 2013/14 which was carried into 2014/15 for PR purposes. I mentioned that it would be great to know how the surplus was going to be spent, and it's something that would be worthwhile to follow up on. RCPI received distinction for increasing our membership this year by 11 members (net 7). Let's keep it up. Jozefa asked all clubs to increase membership. Unfortunately we didn't go into much detail how clubs should do this, but at least it was mentioned. Fast forward to the afternoon session where we voted on this year's bylaws. We agreed the budget, we agreed that there would be no new position of Vice Governor elected. Instead an emergency board will vote on a new governor, should Vladimir Adamek not be fit to fulfill his role. Vladimir's goal for 2015/16 is to finally get the district's database in order. He's very approachable and seems very motivated... and ready for the new year. We ended the afternoon with the announcement of this year's
district Paul Harris Fellows. Irena Brichta was showered in awards and commendations in thanks for all the hard work and long hours she puts into
RI. And believe me she puts in a lot of effort and hours.
The YER programme is one of the district's most successful programmes. This year there were 72 students from all over the globe and they gave a great performance as usual. Our club's two students, Lara and Andrea were there and had a fantastic time. There were a lot of hugging and tears at the end of the performance, because they knew it would be the last time they would meet as a group before they all head back home in July. I myself made a couple of new friends and strengthened some older friendships. It is my personal goal to continue fostering these intra-district relationships, as they are with some really good people who want to help out the community. It's a good opportunity to meet like-minded people and bounce ideas off of each other. We have to work hard to make use of Rotary Global Grants as last year only two clubs applied for one. I do encourage as many of our members as possible to attend next year's conference which will be in Ostrava, Czech Republic. I would not look at the language barrier as a challenge, but rather as a chance to add a more international feeling to the conference and maybe change the dynamic for the better.
Sanan Phutrakul
Membership Chairman, President Nominee 2014/15
Rotary Club Prague International

The 2015 Charity Dragon Boat Challenge was a MASSIVE success. Over 1000 people attended the event and 28 teams competed and a record amount was donated to charity. A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended, organised and facilitated the event.
The weather could not have been better on the day as the starting gun fired and the dragon boats, crewed by teams made up of 17 keen and eager paddlers, made their way along the 200 m course to the finish line. Good hearted rivalry between teams ensured there was a certain competitiveness in the air however winning was not everyone's objective. Taking part and raising money for charity was the primary reason why over 1000 participants, supporters and fans gathered on Saturday morning to participate in the 6th Rotary Charity Dragon Boat Festival.
You can view the results, including precise photo finish timings by clicking HERE.
Pictures of the photo finish and of the day are available HERE

RCPI was privileged to have Veronika Wolf as our guest speaker. Veronika was invited by our very own Casey Holt who introduced her as the Director of one of the most beautiful, fascinating, extensive and indeed hidden gems in the city of Prague.
Veronika is the Director at the Lobkowicz Collection which is housed not only at the Lobkowicz Palace, Prague Castle, but also in a number of castles throughout the Czech Republic. In a delightful visual tour, Veronika took the assembled Rotarians through the treasures of the collection which go back many centuries. She spoke of the tremendous efforts to bring the collection together once again after the Velvet revolution and the task she as the Director has now to maintain, restore, catalogue, interpret and display the thousands of artifacts.
Rotarians were fascinated by the account of the Breugel paintings and of course the most famous Canaletto painting London: The Thames on Lord Mayor’s Day, looking towards the City and St. Paul’s Cathedral (circa 1750) which formed the visual centrepiece of the celebrations of the Exhibition in London: Royal River: Power, Pageantry and the Thames to mark Queen Elizabeth's 60th year of reign. Veronika smiled as she told the club of her pride as she ascended the escalator at Victoria Station in London to be greeted by a massive banner proclaiming the celebrations - the backdrop - of course - the Lobkowicz Canaletto!
The club thanked Veronika for the fascinating talk and insight into the collection and the work of the Collection.
A great way to not only see but also support the collection is to be come a member. Membership not only allows you access to the collection but you will also be invited to special private events, viewings and concerts not normally open to the public. A must do and must see in Prague.

13 Rotarians and 3 guests gathered at hospital Na Frantisku in Prague for an excursion with the aim to provide books, mugs, hygienic supplies and printing paper to the hospital Na Frantisku in Prague.

This unique hospital is one of the longest serving hospitals within the region of Central Europe, having a continuous history of providing medical services from 1354.  The hospital was always given special attention from the sovereigns, from Charles IV. to Ferdinand d´Este.  Before the WW I, it had 200 beds and was the largest hospital in Prague area.  The group was given a special tour around gardens, dining hall and other premises.  As the hospital is now funded from Prague municipality budget, it always looks for some material and or financial support.

If you have missed the visit, just contact Gabriela Kozlova at if you speak Czech and if you don’t please contact Sanan Phutrakul at and he’ll translate/relay messages to provide donations in form of needed supplies.

Modry Klic thanked the Rotary Club Prague International and the Rotary Club Coral Gables for the generous contributions made to support the charities operations. At Christmas RCPI sold mulled wine to raise funds and Coral Gables made a generous financial contribution. Modry Klic presented Rotary with a commemorative plaque
Modry Klic is a non-profit non-governmental organization providing social services to children and adults with intellectual and multiple disabilities. The organisation has provided care and services for over 20 years.

Modry Klic, in 2014, provided comprehensive care facilities for 115 users. Social services, day care, weekly clinics and respite care are offered to users in a variety of forms adapted to the type and depth of their disability and their age. Development of these forms is driven by efforts to approach the maximum possible life of people with disabilities normal lives of their peers. Children offered education at the kindergarten and elementary school levels. For older service users daily program implemented with workplaces or in workshops. In addition to educational and work program for users the project offers services such as meals, transportation, physiotherapy services and advisory services, continuing training and education program of family members and carers of service users.
The plaque will be sent to the Rotary Club Coral Gables as an acknowledgement of their tremendous support.

At the RCPI meeting Petr Smejcky addressed a rather topical subject: Where does the water you drink come from. The subject is topical since last week Prague 6 experienced a water contamination which has now been resolved. Petr took us back to the earliest times when water was taken from teh riven and distributed in wooden pipes throughout the city. The water towers still stand from the time where animals were used to power water raising devices which would fill tanks in the top of the towers. For example, the Šitkovská Water-tower was built in 1588 and served as a water tower until 1881.
Approximately 60 percent of Prague water today comes from the Zelivka Dam, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) south of Prague; 30 percent is pumped from underground sources; and the remaining 10 percent is taken directly from the Vltava River (4 times a year). From these sources, the water goes to one of Prague's two waterworks, where it is cleaned and tested before making its way to homes around the city.
The club thanked Petr for an interesting and insightful talk which brought alive something we take for granted every single day.


Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

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