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Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

Welcome to Rotary Club Prague International

Prague International

Having Fun Doing Good!

We meet Thursdays at 06:00 PM
Barcelo Old Town Hotel
C/ Celetná 29/288
Prague,  110 00
Czech Republic
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Rotary Club News and Stories

RCPI has set itself the objective to continually innovate and be a thoroughly modern and innovative Rotary club. The format of meetings has been adapted to include meetings where members very actively participate including poetry readings. Activities including walking and cycling are taking place for members to meet anc enjoy themselves. Fund raising events for good causes are at an all time high and yesterday the club took another step towards embracing technology by hosting the first Board Meeting where participants were not only physically together at our normal meeting place but also joined the meeting via Skype. The experiment was a total success. Thanks to RCPI President, Peter Smejcky, who set up the cameras and microphones the quality of the participation experience was excellent. This allows members who are traveling abroad to join and be part of RCPI even when they cannot be physically in Prague. On this occasion a member joined from a business trip to Budapest. Innovation is taking RCPI to a new era of participation and services for members.
This weeks meeting of the Rotary Club International Prague was very well attended with over 20 Rotarians and Friends coming together to meet, enjoy a meal, discuss, listen and learn. And learning was very much the theme of the evening as Jaroslev Vesely and Ilona Babkova introduced the members to the Magic Box. Sometimes the most successful inventions go right back to basics and this is what the Magic Box has achieved. With this entirely Czech invention Jaroslav has recognised that young children learn best in groups and do so whilst interacting playing on the floor. It's just natural. So, he invented a machine which projects an image of an interactive learning game onto the floor. Children absolutely love the concept - playing in groups on the floor whilst learning through interactive multi media. The Magic Box is just that, a box on wheels so that it can be moved from one classroom to another and be ready for action in a matter of seconds.
Members asked lots of questions and Ilona and Jaroslav explained not only the concept but also how they are expanding not only in Czech republic but also world wide with Magic Boxes now installed in Australia, Canada, Russia and the Middle east as well as throughout Europe.
Inevitably the funding of the purchase is a challenge for many pre-school organisations however Jaroslav explained that teaches, once they have seen the Magic Box and have used it in a classroom are absolutely convinced that it significantly enhances the learning experience for children.
During the meeting of 6 August 2015, RCPI’s band of natives and aliens (many of the club’s members are not Czech nationals) enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Martin Pauer.
In addition to being Project Manager at Rockwell automation, and a lead ringer of the bells at St. Vitus cathedral, Dr. Pauer is, by training and avocation, a geologist and planetary geophysicist. He is also a volunteer at the Štefánik Observatory on Petřín Hill in Prague, where several RCPI members and friends had already enjoyed the benefit of his assistance with gazing into the night sky through the observatory’s telescopes.
During an engaging and informative presentation that lasted well past our usual 20:00 meeting close, but which kept all but a couple members and guests glued to their chairs, Dr. Pauer provided a PowerPoint tour of the Sun, the planets and their moons, sprinkling in little tidbits of information that came as a surprise to most, including the fact that our moon “wobbles” a little as it rotates, so we actually see about 60 percent of it during the course of a month.
Attendees also learned that all moons but one orbit their planets in the same direction the planet rotates - counter-clockwise. But Triton orbits Neptune in a retrograde - clockwise - fashion. Venus also rotates clockwise, the only planet to do so; and Uranus rotates on its side relative to its travels around the Sun!
Very interesting stuff, and you can see Dr. Pauer’s slides here:!4549&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!AP2YecxWbwYI_74
You can also take a trip up to the Štefánik Observatory any night before 23:00 to take a closer look at the heavens yourself. And look for news of a future presentation by Dr. Pauer about the bells at St. Vitus. Perhaps we’ll go watch he and his friends ring them!
A club meeting with a difference - poetry and prose.  RCPI is innovating and this weeks meeting tested out a new format with universal approval. In the delightfully cool surroundings of the old cellars of the Bacelo Hotel, we assembled, enjoyed welcome drinks and tapas food and proceeded to listen to members reciting poems they brought along. The range of material was truly entertaining including Spike Milligan, Sir John Betjeman, Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling and many more. Some members brought poems they had written themselves and one member composed a poem during the evening. The fast fire limericks were much enjoyed by all.
A super evening with a difference which was only temporarily interrupted by the 8pm bell marking the end of the official meeting however continued on with more poems and prose. The members and guests also heard about the virtues and tremendous literary output of the Czech Republics most famous poet, writer and inventor: Jára Cimrman.
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A welcome from Petr Smejcky - President 2015/16

Dear Members, Friends and prospective Members,,
I am thrilled to be able to be able to greet you all in my capacity as President 2015/16 of RCPI. Our club has an outstanding reputation which is nothing other than the sum of the energy, drive and commitment which our Members and Friends have shown over the past months and years.  New members have joined us bringing a wide range of interest and talents to our club. My main focus is to give everyone a chance to participate and contribute to the club and the charities we support in whatever way they can.
If you are interested in Rotary and joining our club then come along to one of our meetings where you will see that we are a group of fun loving individuals with a common aim of "doing good and having fun". ROTARY is a great way to meet like minded people from diverse backgrounds, professions and cultures.
My motto for the year: All for one, one for all
Petr Smejcky
RC Prague International

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