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Races take place on the 12th of May 2018
at Žluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, 140 00 Praha 4-Podolí
The 9th Rotary Dragon Boat Charity Challenge is a part of the Prague Dragon Boat Festival -
the oldest Dragon Boat race in Czech Republic - organized by Czech Dragon Boat Association.

Click HERE for more information and how to join in the fun
Július Tomka introduced members and friends of RCPI to the strategy of District 2240 at our recent club meeting. In his speech he outlined the three themes of Membership, Image and Opportunities for the Young and being central to the work of Rotary International at the district level. With over 1400 members and 76 clubs, the district covers the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Clubs range from RCPI as the largest with 50 members to smaller clubs with less than 10 members. Yulo encouraged Rotarians to share the ideas and collaborate at District events so that best practice is transmitted from one club to another. "not everything which is applicable in a club of 50 members will be practical in a small club" said Yulo, "however many good ideas can be shared and adapted to work".
Yulo went on to explain how 3 new clubs are in the process of being founded at the moment and how he believes we can strengthen the collaboration with Roteract throughout the district.
Helen Noll, President of RCPI, thanked Yulo for visiting our club and for his very informative presentation. The club gave Yulo a warm reception with a hearty round of applause. Yulo was accompanied by Ilja Chocholous who is well known to members of RCPI through his great support of activities including the Annual Dragon Boat Event
Members of Rotary Club Prague International, along with Zdeněk Střžek, owner of Bejzment Burger Pub and also the promoter of the Jack Daniel’s BurgerFest in Prague, visited Psí útulek Trója to deliver a cheque for CZK 10,000 and bags of dog food. This donation came from the proceeds of RCPI’s participation in BurgerFest 2017
Dogs are brought to Psí útulek Trója for various reasons. Some are stray dogs found wandering the Prague streets, often because owners abandon them. Lucie Skalska took the members of RCPI on a guided tour of the facilities which house on average 90 dogs at any one time. Dogs are homed in individual kennels and are given walks - a dog shelter dog walker walks up to 25km on any one day!
The shelter checks the health of every animal, they are given injections and any medical treatment needed and, after a period of acclimatisation, can be adopted by suitable new owners.
Members of RCPI were truly impressed with the high standards of the facilities and the competency and skills of the staff.
"I did not choose to become an artist - art was my escape", said David Sandum when he spoke to Members and visitors at our recent RCPI club meeting. Our own member, Martin Sebek, introduced David and has himself been involved in assisting the Art Project which David presented. Following a very successful career start in IT  the demands of his job, on the heels of many years of stress, took a toll on his health, and he fell into a severe depression. It was during this difficult time that he began to draw and paint, inspired by Edvard Munch’s philosophy that we should all write or paint our life story.
In 2010, David earned international acclaim by founding Twitter Art Exhibit, a social media initiative whereby artists from around the world send hand-painted postcards that are exhibited for local charities in need of funding. This annual event has gone global, taking place in such cities as Los Angeles, Orlando, and New York City. The 2017 exhibit in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, attracted more than 1,000 artists from 65 countries. The 2018 exhibition is in Canberra, Australia.
The project is growing every year and the volunteers managing it are very stretched in terms of their time. David asked RCPI members to consider how TAE could move to the next level of operation. "It is not just about money, it is also about ideas and suggestions from people in business and other walks of life" said David. You can find David on Twitter: @DavidSandum
Janet Feinstein and Pawel Farsky attended our recent club meeting at the invitation of one of our members and presented their fundraising project to help the Motol Hospital Pediatric Oncology department: A Valentine Cabaret Fundraiser held at Divadlo Korunni on the 17th February 2018 at 20:00h. More information is available at www.bit.ly/vcabaret.
This is not an RCPI event.
Jan Dohnálek from the charity ICTUS came to our recent club meeting to explain how ICTUS is helping those who have suffered a stroke. "Many stroke victims find their condition has dramatically changed their life so much so that they cannot see a way forward" said Jan, "ICTUS is there to guide, assist and show that it is absolutely possible to approach life after a stroke with a positive attitude and through therapies to bring joy and a positive view of the future".
ICTUS is a well established charity which works with stroke victims throughout the Czech Republic through a large network of volunteers and professionals providing many different services. "from a listening ear and a friendly visitor to swimming lessons, outings, ICTUS is there to help those with stroke live fuller lives and explain that the situation is far from hopeless" explained Jan.
One of the activities Jan focused on as especially beneficial are the swimming therapy sessions where volunteers work with those who have suffered a stroke to restore movement, build muscles and above all develop self confidence and a sense of achievement. The sessions cost just CZK 150 each and a course of ten sessions can truly make a difference. However finding the funding is difficult.
RCPI Member Marie Jehličková presented Jan with a donation of CZK 36,000 which Marie and others raised through a number of golf events. Jan was, needless to say, delighted.
You too can help by making a donation which will fund swimming lessons. Just click on the donation button below or go to our special donation page for Swimming Lessons for Stroke Victims.
The stories above are only the most recent stories of what we have been getting up to. To see the full list of stories click HERE

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