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The screening of The Devil's Mistress was a sell out and the audience listened with interest as Filip Albrecht from Rotary Club Prague International introduced Filip Renc (Director), Ivan Hubac (Screenplay), Pavel Kríz (Hitler) and Zdenka Procházková (Lída Baarová at 80) to the audience. Their comments and remarks about the making of the film added another dimension to the enjoyment of the film.
The RCPI charity screening was the first time the international version of the film (the German-Czech version with English subtitles) has been shown in the Czech Republic. It was a real pleasure to hear actors such as Karl Markovics (Goebbles) speak in their native language.
The screening was attended by dignitaries from the Embassies of The United States, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Israel as well as film enthusiasts eager to meet the cast and enjoy this unique experience.
The event raised funds for The Rotary Foundation - a charity which has a mission to to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
Martina took time out from her busy schedule to visit RCPI and to present to our Friends and Members what it means to be a member of the European Parliament. Martina explained that the Parliament consists of 751 elected MEPs of which 21 come from the Czech Republic. Martina has been an MEP since 2014 and spends her time in Brussels, Strasbourg and of course back in her home town of Zlin.
Martina explained the purpose and objective of the European Parliament (EP), an organisation whose role is often misunderstood. The EP supervises the activities of the EU and has been in existence in its present form since 1979 as a directly elected body (for 5 year term). It represents the EU citizens and together with the Council is involved in approving EU legislation.
Martina is very active in the EP and participates in Committee on Budgetary Control (vice-chair), the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (member) and the Committee on Transport and Tourism (substitute member). Staying connected with what the citizens think and feel is a passion for Martina and she also is a great supporter of learning and training initiatives. "Entrepreneurship does not mean that each of us must start his own business." commented Martina, "Rather, it is about an overall approach to professional life, attitude at work, and the courage to try new things." With this as a backdrop, Martina has founded a number of initiatives including a student traineeship programme called "PročByNe?" - "Why not?" which gives young people a chance they would otherwise not have had.
Martina also supports a number of other initiatives including:
  • Creative industries - Parliamentary Intergroup, Zlin Creative Cluster
  • Special Olympics, Czech Republic
  • Craft days
  • Science Pairing Scheme - shadowing by Dr. Gorazd Stokin
  • Students and business missions to the European Parliament
  • Mediatrip of Czech journalists to Brussels
Martina's passion and energy were applauded by the Rotarians who thanked her for a very interesting presentation which has dispelled some myths about the EP as well as demonstrating that as an MEP, Martina is very much connected with the feelings and opinions of citizens and businesses.
Martina is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Zlin.
Barbora Janeckova visited Rotary Club Prague International and motivated the Members and friends with a passionate presentation about a topic she has been involved with for many years. Helping those who require psychotherapy, however do not have access to the services of a Psychotherapist due to financial or social reasons. it is difficult, if not impossible to obtain psychotherapeutic treatment in the Czech Republic without resorting to private financial means. However on many occasions early intervention can make all the difference before someone slides into a dark place resulting in a spiral of catastrophic consequences.
Barbora recounted one incident of a man who was attacked on a tram. He was not hurt, however lost the confidence to travel by public transport. As a result of this he was absent from work, the consequence of which was that he lost his job. Not being able to pay the rent meant that he lost his apartment and became homeless and so the spiral continues. Luckily The Social Clinic managed to help and with a small number of therapeutic sessions he overcame his fears and is now back at work and living in a new apartment.
The Clinic is funded entirely by charitable means, starting with the donation of their time by a team of over 52 therapists and augmented by donations from the public and other organisations. "Funding is our major issue" said Barbora "the State does not provide these services and because we cannot bear to see people suffering needlessly we founded this charitable organisation".
More information at
Four Rotarians from our club spent a week in Rajasthan doing the preliminary assessment of the potential for a WASH [Water Sanitation and Hygiene] project with a Rotary Foundation global grant.
The trip was a great success with many field trips visiting rural communities and schools to make first-hand observations of the drinking water supply, toilet facilities and hygiene standards or lack thereof. These visits served to open our eyes to the poor condition in which most of these rural populations live and the lack of systemic support to health and hygiene in most places
Meetings and presentations were had with three very well respected local NGOs that could be prospective partners and all of their work in the field was quite impressive.
Our members also met with two Rotary clubs from Udaipur who are prospective partners for our project and one of those was particularly positive.
Our general conclusion is that in the rural communities of Udaipur and Rajsamand there is plenty of scope to support improvements in the availability of safe drinking water, the availability and use of toilets and the education and habits of hygiene.
After a very successful fundraising with our Indian Food Helps! project, a group of Rotarians from our club took part in a ceremony delivering school equipment and supplies to Ghati village school in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. Including many individual donations almost 100,000 Kč was raised to support primary education in rural India.
Present for the ceremony were the District Collector and other officials, village elders and parents of the children. More than 230 children were given school bags containing shoes, exercise books, uniforms, mats and hygiene materials. Equipment for the school included 50 bench-desks, two computers, books, and some sports and musical instruments. Village elders and families expressed their sincere appreciation to Rotarians and the Karnawat family for supporting their children's education over many years.
There was a sizable press corps present and the event made local TV, radio and press news in the next 24 hours.
Club members taking part were Helen Noll, Melody Munz, Gerry Tipple and Jonathan Wootliffe.
At this weeks RCPI Club meeting Fernanda was welcomed as the newest member of the Global Rotary Organisation and of course our club here in Prague. Fernanda has lived in many places around the world including he home country of Mexico, Madrid and England before settling in Prague. Very much at home with 'doing good' Fernanda has been engaged in many  projects and activities where she has donated her time and energy.
Casey welcomed Fernanda with a short speech outlining the importance of and commitment of joining Rotary before Helen 'pinned' Fernanda with the rotary pin and Petr handed Fernanda her certificate of membership.
Did you know that the city of Prague uses four cubic meters of drinking water each second?
This month Rotary Club Prague International visited Prague's Podolí Waterworks. Prague is served with fresh water from two directions through aqueducts tens of kilometres long. The Podolí Waterworks is a standby facility that is only activated in an emergency, then it ramps up in a matter of hours to convert water from river Vltava to drinking water through a complex process of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.
We visited the site's museum, where a small aquarium reminds visitors of the time when trout were used to detect water contamination in public waterworks. Private water supply networks appeared as early as 12th century in Prague, later a sophisticated network of pumps, water towers, clay and wooden ducts have been built to supply water to public fountains within the walls of Prague, only the richest families could afford to have running water in their houses.
We concluded the tour visiting the Podolí water tower and enjoyed the view of south of Prague at night time.
Pictures by Luu Anh Nhat. For more information about visits, tours and outings of our club visit the EVENTS diary on our webslie.
For more information about Prague water visit the PVS History of Prague Water website
Calling all Members and Friends - Book your tickets now for the 31st March. A fun night of Western Line dancing, food and drink in the very heart of Prague.
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A welcome from Petr Smejcky - President 2015/16
Dear Members, Friends and prospective Members,,
I am thrilled to be able to be able to greet you all in my capacity as President 2015/16 of RCPI. Our club has an outstanding reputation which is nothing other than the sum of the energy, drive and commitment which our Members and Friends have shown over the past months and years.  New members have joined us bringing a wide range of interest and talents to our club. My main focus is to give everyone a chance to participate and contribute to the club and the charities we support in whatever way they can.
If you are interested in Rotary and joining our club then come along to one of our meetings where you will see that we are a group of fun loving individuals with a common aim of "doing good and having fun". ROTARY is a great way to meet like minded people from diverse backgrounds, professions and cultures.
My motto for the year: All for one, one for all
Petr Smejcky
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