ImageSo what do Rotarians (and prospective members) get up to in their leisure time. They take the train on a rainy Saturday morning from Prague to Roudnice nad Labem and make a day of it cycling back through the countryside to Prague. Castles, canals, rope ferries, a glass of beer are all part of the rich tapestry of experiences along the way.


ImageSo we set off.... maybe not the 8am start we had planned (It was tipping it down) but a more leisurely 10:30. Gerry, Casey and Christian on their way to Roudnice nad Labem. Let the adventure begin. The rain desisted and some rays of sunshine caressed us as we set off from Roundnice station on our cycling adventure back to Prague. The route is to a large part integrated into the european cycleway network which means a lovely smooth tarmac path winding its way along the river. We feasted on berries picked from roadside shrubs and supplemented this by a traditional Czech lunch and a pint of the amber nectar at the beautiful Veltrusy castle. It was fascinating to watch the boats pass through the gates of the huge lock at Morin on the Melnik-Vranany canal. The lock raises and lowers boats a staggering 8m and is now designated a historic monument. More cycling, across a metal bridge which was just being converted into a 1940's film set , Past Dvorak's birthplace and and eventually back to Prague. Fatigued muscles and slightly saddle sore however proud to have explored the Czech countryside and cycled 100km without a puncture.

Come and join us... this is what (some) Rotarians do.....