Posted by Christian Noll on May 27, 2019
Inspiration comes from observing the work of others and so it was when I visited Rotary Club Sofia Triaditsa in Bulgaria.
Despite being a relatively newly formed club RC Triaditsa has immediately set to work doing good. The energy and enthusiasm of the members has resulted in projects such as setting up an opthamlic examination programme for 3 to 4 year olds which visits nurseries and has screened over 1200 children to date. The project value is over 50,000 euro which is a testimony to the power of Rotary and the leadership of this club. Other projects include a performing arts programme and a project to restore a building as a centre for activities to support social inclusion for people at the fringes of society.

The meeting was made even more special because it was a joint club meeting with RC Sofia International, again an initiative of both clubs to meet and exchange ideas and talk about projects they are engaged in.
I presented the work of our club both in terms of the projects as well as how we are structured. There was real interest in the activity points concept as a measure of member engagement. Judging by the energy in the room activity points would be awarded all round on a weekly basis.  Congratulations for what you have achieved to date and we wish much success to RC Sofia Triaditsa and RC Sofia International