Posted by Christian Noll on Jan 28, 2018
Jan Dohnálek from the charity ICTUS came to our recent club meeting to explain how ICTUS is helping those who have suffered a stroke. "Many stroke victims find their condition has dramatically changed their life so much so that they cannot see a way forward" said Jan, "ICTUS is there to guide, assist and show that it is absolutely possible to approach life after a stroke with a positive attitude and through therapies to bring joy and a positive view of the future".
ICTUS is a well established charity which works with stroke victims throughout the Czech Republic through a large network of volunteers and professionals providing many different services. "from a listening ear and a friendly visitor to swimming lessons, outings, ICTUS is there to help those with stroke live fuller lives and explain that the situation is far from hopeless" explained Jan.
One of the activities Jan focused on as especially beneficial are the swimming therapy sessions where volunteers work with those who have suffered a stroke to restore movement, build muscles and above all develop self confidence and a sense of achievement. The sessions cost just CZK 150 each and a course of ten sessions can truly make a difference. However finding the funding is difficult.
RCPI Member Marie Jehličková presented Jan with a donation of CZK 36,000 which Marie and others raised through a number of golf events. Jan was, needless to say, delighted.
You too can help by making a donation which will fund swimming lessons. Just click on the donation button below or go to our special donation page for Swimming Lessons for Stroke Victims.