Ambassador Ed Hoeks of the Netherlands  joined Rotarians, visitors and friends at our recent club meetings. Following club proceedings and dinner he presented Brexit in the broader context of events both contemporary and historical. Drawing a link between the French revolution, the Russian Revolution and the rise of nationalism, he proposed that we are exiting a period of libertarianism and are entering uncertain times as nations focus inwards and on themselves rather than having themes of cooperation. Ambassador Hoeks went on to share how he had also not predicted that the UK would vote to exit the European Union and that a great partner of the Netherlands will distance itself. Of course no view of Brexit would be complete without a comment on the election of the US president and Ambassador Hoeks drew parallels by observing that the less affluent middle classes, previously silent have now shaped the course for history for years to come. His insightful remarks and observations kept the attention of the audience and some lively questions rounded off a most interesting evening.