Frequently asked questions

This year the race will be held on Saturday May 11 2019
The official opening will be at 9.00 a.m.
The race takes place on the Vltava at
: Žluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, Praha 4 - Podolí, 140 00 – nearest tram stop Dvorce.

The Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge, organized by Rotary Club Prague International (RCPI), is an amateur race over a distance of 200 meters. The race will be part of the 21st Prague Dragon Boat Festival organized by the Czech Dragon Boat Association.

Each team pays a registration fee of 15,000 Kč and a minimum charitable donation of 15,000 Kč.

Average timings of each team over the first two heats determine the draw for the finals. Each team will race three times.

Results are published continuously so that every team knows almost immediately what time they made and can see where they are in the rankings.

The event ends between noon and 1:00 pm when the results will be announced and prizes awarded to the winners and the teams in second and third place. But winners are all because of the fun and the funds raised for charity.

The main purpose of the race is to enjoy sport on the river, team building and to have a super, fun day completed by raising funds for the Foundations: Život 90, Naše dítě a Výbor dobré vůle, Olgy Havlové (VDV) a Apla.


Q: Our organization wants to participate in the Dragon Boat Charity Challenge. How do I sign up?
A: The registration form will be sent upon your email request or it can be downloaded in Czech or English from
the Rotary Club Prague International website

Q: What do you need to register and what happens then?
A: The first step is a completed and submitted registration form. On the form there is the possibility to choose the foundation you wish to send your financial gift. You may share it over two or more of the foundations listed.
If you do not wish to make any decision, do not tick and your donation will be allocated among those listed.

RCPI will provide you with a donation contract for the charitable contribution.

On the registration form you may also decide whether you want your team to enjoy the comfort of the tent - it is a 3x5 meter tent, which has 2 long tables and four benches. The tent rental including erection, dismantling and delivery is CZK 5,000.

We will send you an invoice for according to the details supplied on your registration form.

For the charitable donation, we will send you via e-mail the draft donation contract.

The second step on your side is 1) the invoice payment and 2) the printing of two originals of the Donation contract, signature of both originals and sending both of them by post to the specified address.

Once the invoice is paid, we will send you one original of the donation Contract signed by RCPI’s legal representative.

Q: When is the deadline for submitting a registration for race May 11, 2019?
A: The regular deadline is 3.5.2019. We are able to organize tents and trainings for completed registrations received by 13.4.2018.


Q: When the Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge is near, do you have more detailed information for the teams?
A: Yes. About a month before the race, we send more detailed information and call captains for a captains meeting. This meeting is usually held on Thursday evening before the event.

Q: Who is the captain?
A: The captain is nominated by the sponsoring organization as team leader. The Captain builds the team and takes care of the crew on the day. For us, the captain is another contact person and a participant in the meeting, on which the latest information related to the race, is given.

Q: How many people are the crew of the dragon boat? How many people are paddling?
The crew is 17 people - 16 people paddle and one is a drummer. The drummer is helping to keep the rhythm of paddling. The race organizers provide a helmsman, the person who steers the boat.

Q: Should a registered team have 17 people?
A: A registered team should have at least 17, but can have far more members and all can paddle in turns.

Q: Can a crew with less than 17 people race?
A: It could do, but this is not recommended. It is usually possible to "borrow" a paddlers from the Rotary club or another team in case you are short on the day.

Q: Can the teams bring supporters?
A: Yes, bring as many family members, fans and supporters as you want. They will enjoy the day at
Žluté lázně. There will be some entertainment and games provided for children.

Q: How does the racing work?
A: As mentioned above, before the race, all information will be confirmed in time but:
We expect the races to start at 9.00
- It is advisable to be in place for 30-40 minutes before - to "camp" under the tents, to meet with neighbors, to explore the area
- At 9.00, the opening ceremony will begin
- The start of the race itself is the first heat at the scheduled time -
for example at 9.30. You need to listen for your team name to be called and be at the loading jetty 10-15 minutes before the start of the race to allow time to put on life vests, collect paddles and then paddle to the starting place. It is important for the captain to get his team together in readiness according to the schedule of the heats.
At 9.30 there are 6 boats with teams will be on the start line and the race starts with a starting pistol.
- The first heats are drawn at the captains' meeting, others are based on results.
- Results are available immediately
There are 3 heats in total.
The race ends around 13.00

Q: What should paddlers wear?
A: We recommend fast-drying sportswear, preferably with some spares.
It is more than probable that you are going to get wet. It is good to have dry clothes to change into.

Some teams like to design their clothes as masquerade dress - they may have organization themed t- shirts, uniform garments, wigs ... there are no limits for creativity as long as you can put on the life vest and paddle.
As far as shoes are concerned, it is good to have shoes for the boat and shoes for the ground. The shoes in the boat will almost definitely get wet
. It is possible to paddle barefoot.

Q: Are the race results announced immediately after the event?
A: Yes. All results are available immediately. So you will have all times of all teams available for all races and the announcement of results comes immediately after the race. They are all announced and posted on a board - from the last place to the first.

Q: How about eating?
Žluté lázně provide many facilities, there is the possibility of eating and drinking in different restaurants and bistros–although, time for real meal comes after the race. It is therefore good to have snacks and drinks while racing and then to enjoy time after the race.

Q: Is it possible to have our own food and refreshment and to sell it to others?
It is possible to have your own refreshment and offer it to your guests. But with regard to the Žluté lázně facilities, selling is not allowed.

Q: Is it possible to provide refreshment to the team at the company's expense?
Yes. It is possible to contact representatives of Žluté lázně facilities and set up details. Last year it worked quite well

Q: Is it possible to bring guests, children?
A: Everyone is welcomed in unlimited numbers.

Q: Is there an admission into Žluté lázněon the day of the race?
A: For guests yes, but this admission can be used to pay for the refreshments purchased in
Žluté lázně facilities. Each team will receive 20 free-entry wrist bandsat the captain’s meeting.


Tents are offered on the Registration form and we can arrange them. These are tents of an area of 3x5-6 m with tables and benches. The capacity is at least 20-25 seating people. The tent serves more like a cloakroom and a team headquarters – one can sit there, eat snacks, refresh or receive visits from your neighbors.

It is possible to have your own tents. In this case, its dimensions must be supplied to us in good time before the “tent town” is being built. In the case of your own tent you also deal with its transportation and handling, in coordination with the organizer. Contact will be provided.

Tents can be decorated with organizational logos and a table with promotional materials of the company can be placed at the entrance. It is optional.

Tents are built in the night before the race. Security is provided for the night. Guarding of each tent cannot be provided during the day.


- can only be recommended. Competitors either learn or repeat winning strategy and technique.
will most likely be organized in the week before the race. Dates and times will be communicated.

Training is provided by the Czech Dragon Boats Association for the amount of CZK 2500 per team per session. This amount includes the provision of a boat with a steersman for one hour, including paddling equipment and life jackets.

Training sessions are paid for on site, in cash.

Most Teams can have one training session, but it is also possible to have more.

Registration for training is via the website and the schedule is provided by the race organizer - the Czech Dragon Boat Association.

Q: Does the team have to train before the race?
The team does not have to train. It is possible to jump on the boat for the first time on the day of the race. The steersman, who is part of each boat ́s “equipment”, always helps the team with the technique during the race. Technique means, for example, the best pace and rhythm to adopt and so on.

Q: What if we do not put enough members together for training?
In that case, communicate. It is possible that there will be another team in a similar situation and then you can get together and train together. You will share your training costs.

Q: Is it possible to take training with fewer members? A: Yes, but it is definitely not ideal.


A captains meeting will be held on the Thursday before the race. The time will be confirmed later.
(This time is ideal if you want to take a walk after your dinner, you can also dine in the area and watch the training or just enjoy the peace of the evening)

Training place: Žluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, Prague 4 - Podolí, 140 00 – there will be navigation into the meeting place

At the meeting, the first heats are drawn, which means captains will know at what time and in which heat their team starts. Captains will also get to know each other, get more information and instructions, they will know where tents will be built, where the start line will be, they will obtain admission wrist bandsat to hand them over to their team members etc.

At the captains' meeting, the captains must hand over the completed crew list can be found on the Rotary Club Prague International website.

Anyone who is in charge may arrive at the captains meeting, but it must be someone who passes information on to the rest of the team and arrange what was decided / discussed at the meeting.


Everyone who is seated in a boat, wearing a life jacket and listed in the crew, is insured. This insurance is provided by the Czech Dragon Boat Association.

Life jackets are provided in a sufficient number. They will be available within each boarding area. Costs are covered by the registration fee.