Grouped in a Rotary Cycling Fellowship - this is what keeps members of RCPI active going for a cycling trip almost every Sunday from April to October and sometimes even beyond. Besides that some of the cyclists take part in Rotary international cycling events - mentioning just three last editions taking place in Aix-en-Provence/France (2018), Oudenaarde/Belgium (2019) and due to Covid closures in Siena/Italy (2022).
Rotary fellowships enable to its members to join a global community built around a hobby or profession and enabling to enhance one's Rotary experience serving above oneself. Currently, 91 fellowships unite members in friendship and expand opportunities to enjoy their favorite recreational activities, sports, and professions. These groups range from cycling to skiing, Latin culture to jazz, doctors to photographers, and even wine-tasting to beer. While you regularly attend club meetings, Fellowships give you an opportunity to connect with members outside your club and district. They allow you to meet people within the Rotary network that you already have something in common with, making it easier to make new friends around the world. Developing these new relationships can help enhance our understanding of the world. You can exchange ideas with like-minded members, and learn new ways to serve through Rotary.
RCPI members are committed to service so naturally that they found new ways to serve through Fellowships. Many fellowships take on service projects leveraging their networks and resources. And so did the group of RCPI developing a charity programme CYCLING FOR TREES - turning their miles into Czech crowns and also seeking sponsors from the club who are not pedaling to support their activity. The finances raised support environmental projects in a form planting trees alongside cycling alleys in cooperation with Nadace Partnerství Project ( 
In 2021 we raised CZK 100,000 to plant an alley near Příbram, in 2022 we raised even more, CZK 120,000, to plant the alley in Račiněves (Říp area). It was a big event under the auspices of Czech Prime Minister and attended by many distinguished guests taking place on October 28th, 2022. The alley is named "Nick Winton Alley" to commemorate a heroic deed of Sir Nicolas Winton saving 669 Jewish children back in 1939. There was a public debate reflecting refugee issues then and today - taking place on Oct 27th in the Municipal Library, Prague. The son of Sir Winton, Nicky Winton, took part as well our fellow Ukrainian refugees who live in Prague and are supported by RCPI. 
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