Contact: Gerry Tipple
200,00 Kč
Prague International
Prague Zoo!
U Trojského zámku 120/3
Czech Republic

Dear Friends & Rotarians,

Come and join us for a great fun event at our favourite zoo.

Have fun and test yourself with an amusing quiz based on the exhibits in the zoo created by our own Nashuan creative genius, Casey.

This is a fun meeting with a little fund raising on the side. The fund rasing bit is 200 Kč participation fee for adults or 400 Kč for families of 2 or more. Funds raised will gotowards our Speechless project.

Prizes including autographed copies of Miroslav Bobek's (the zoo director), new book, "Vultures in the Hotel Continental". Three books are in english and two are in Czech. 

We can get 10% discount on admission prices if we buy together as a group, otherwise, admission discounts are available at the zoo with litačka and for seniors etc. We meet outside the zoo at 16:30 and start the quest at 17:00 from inside.

We have planned this event for late afternoon to avoid the biggest crowds and because we know that you sometimes have other things to do on Saturday.

Hope you can join us and share the fun.