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Prague International
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Czech Republic

On this occasion we have the pleasure to welcome Philip Staehelin, founder and CEO of DOT Glasses. 

DOT Glasses addresses the needs of people that are visually impaired, by providing access to basic vision care, through a simple concept: a set of glasses that are both modular and economical, which can reach developing regions without obstacles, and do not require a professional optometrist to be dispensed to the end user.

In September 2020, the DOT team received the SDG award -Sustainable Development Goal Business category award- for their impact on the people at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”.

StartupYard investor Philip Staehelin, will tell us about the reach of DOT Glasses project, their innovative approach, commitments, plans and partnerships.


We would like to encourage that members and guests engage in more informal chat and communication and to this end will be initiating the meeting at 18:00 so please do join us at this time. The formal part of the meeting will commence at 18:30.

This meeting will be held online on Zoom.