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Prague International
Holiday Inn Congress Center
Na Pankraci 15
Praha,  14000
Czech Republic

It is a great pleasure to welcome to our Club, Ms. Barbara Winton.

Ms. Winton, consultant in complementary therapy, is the daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton who in 1939 saved the lives of 669 children, mostly Jews, from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. Sir Nicholas brought the children to Britain, battling bureaucracy at both ends, saving them from a certain death, and then kept quiet about his exploits for a half-century. “If it’s not impossible’, he used to say, ‘then surely something could and something must be done’.

After four years of research and writing, Ms. Winton published her father's biography in 2014 to coincide with his 105th birthday. She says her father’s wish was that the biography should not promote him as any kind of hero. Instead, his hope was that it might inspire people to act ethically and make a difference in the lives of others.