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Prague International
Czech Republic

Mosey along to The Mozart!

Join us for a Mozart surprise! We are surprised to be meeting here and it will be a surprise if we have a speaker. However, we are very lucky to have Rotarians that can speak without pause or hesitation longer than a repuplican senator on a fillibuster wishing to defeat a democrat bill in congress.

We will definitely not be short of good food, conversation or laughter.

Speaking of food. our arrangement with the Mozart for this event is a fabulous 15% discount from their wide menu, which includes 'light choices' for Rotarians like me.

The only thing you won't find at the Mozart is car parking except for the indespensible Andras who will be bringing our AV equipment and will get VIP treatment.

Special request. You know that it's important to make a good impression on first acquaintance, so please, dress appropriately for a high class hotel and register, (it is only three clicks on the link), so we can tell them how many lovely Rotarians to expect.

Perhaps you will think that this is a perfect time to bring a guest and I would agree.

"Each one, bring one!"

And don't forget, birthday party at The Curry House this evening!