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Prague International
Meeting will be online on Zoom

Czech Republic

Nomination speech

Our prospective member Dóra Cséfaiová will present her nomination speech to our club members.

Club debate on environmental issues, moderated by our club member Jonathan Wootliff

Join us for an evening dedicated to saving humanity from disaster. Yes, we will be discussing global warming and climate change. After months of intensive debate and discussion, Jonathan will be putting forward a brief update of the status and a proposed mission for our club in the vital cause of saving or improving our environment. In the ensuing discussion we will explore different critical aspects of the challenge as well as learning about our personal carbon footprints.

This will be an interactive meeting with plenty of time for questions and hopefully some answers.

We would like to encourage that members and guests engage in more informal chat and communication and to this end will be initiating the meeting at 18:00 so please do join us at this time. The formal part of the meeting will commence at 18:30.

This meeting will be held online on Zoom.