Prague International
Meeting will be online on Zoom

Czech Republic


No Belgian lager beers… because the Czechs have the best lager beer in the world!

No big known Belgian beers brands as Duvel, Westmalle, Leffe,… because these you can find all over the place in Prague already!

For this special occasion we selected 3 unique Belgian Specialty Beers (each 0,33 dcl) which we will personally bring to Prague for this special occasion.  None of the selected beers are available outside of Belgium.

Belgian Specialty Beers have their own unique stories, their own character and they all have their very typical glasses.  You can’t just drink these beers out of standard beer glasses… that would be considered as an offence by the creators of these beers!  Therefore you will get matching glasses for the selected beers (these will be included in the package, so… handle the packages with care).

The evening will be moderated from Prague by Alicia, Roman and Tim, BUT we will have Joris Van Eetvelde and Peter Laureys (the creators of the selected beers) online from Belgium. They will tell you their story,  the story of their beers….



Monday 1st March starting at 06.30 pm

RC Prague International online fun evening.



Following the excellent wine tasting we had in 2020, we continue to raise funds for the Disaster Aid Europe Beirut Appeal, supporting the community severely affected by the 4th August 2020 explosion in Beirut. This time we go for an online Belgian Specialty Beer tasting.

The cost to participate is CZK 500 (besides participation you will receive 3 speciality beers & 3 special glasses, one per beer).

The amount covers cost of samples with the remainder going to the DAE Beirut Appeal. 

Donations over and above the CZK 500 are very welcome, it’s all for a good cause!


How can you participate?

Register by e-mail to tim.belon@c9-group.com, stating:

  • your NAME
  • HOW MANY SETS of specialty beers you need
  • Whether you will collect the samples at at the Curry House (Novákových 7, Praha 8-Palmovka) on Saturday Feb. 27 (between 11 am and 5pm)  or whether we have to deliver the sets at your place (Prague area only).  Attention!  Payment is by cash only (during pick-up or delivery of the sets).

Deadline (for registration):   Thursday 25th Feb 2021 (12:00 noon)

Register as soon as possible, we limited the amount of tasting sets to max. 60.


How to prepare the beer & glasses for the tasting?

  • Put the beer in a fridge at least 12 hours before the tasting & rinse the glasses (make sure the glasses are dry at the moment of the tasting and do NOT use too much soap to clean the glasses).
  • Get the beer out of the fridge 5 minutes before the start of the tasting.
  • Have a beer bottle opener at hand (we prefer not to experiment too much with alternative beer bottle opening methods during this tasting… ;-)
  • Click in the ZOOM link which will be send upfront to all participants… and ENJOY the stories and the great taste of these Belgian specialty beers we especially brought to Prague for this unique event!


This meeting will be held online on Zoom, login details are above.