Posted by Martin Sebek on May 21, 2017
Our club currently hosts three students, two girls and one boy. One of the girls is from India and the second is from Italy while the boy comes from Thailand. We have also three Czech students that are out in the world being hosted by Rotarians.
The students in the whole district 2240 (Czech and Slovak) just finished a two week Euro trip together and are slowly preparing for the return to their home countries. Its a tough time for the students, with separation of close friendships that they have made with the other students and the host families.  But  the good thing is that many of these friendships are for life so most of them will keep in touch and meet again. 
At this moment preparations (paperwork for Visa application) are going on for next school year 2017/2018, where we will be sending one Czech girl to Canada and we will be hosting one boy from US. 
We also have a family exchange student, a girl that will be leaving for Taiwan first part of the summer and spend the second part of the summer by hosting a Taiwanese girl here in Czech Republic.