Posted on Aug 27, 2017
That was the feeling of 16 children from the Zatek orphanage who enjoyed a day out at the Internationales Märchenfilm-Festival "fabulix" in Annaberg-Bucholtz thanks to Rotary Club Prague International.
Rotarians Filip Albrecht and Sanan Phutrakul organised the visit which turned out to be 'the best trip ever' as described by the children on their return.
Filip's inspiration founded the festival and he organised many special surprises for the children which started with a Czech viewing of “Korunni Princ” in the main square. They met a real life Princess and Prince (Alexandra and Georg zur Lippe) in a private reception and the Mayor, Rolf Schmidt, who presented the children each with a bag full of gifts to remember the day by.  A highlight was the the “Merchen Bergparade” followed by the closing show of the festival and as well as a tour of the Barrandov Studio museum dedicated to fairy tale costumes. For many of the children that had not only been a spectacular day but also their first excursion to to Germany adding another highlight to an already packed day.
The children had more food, ice cream and cookies than they could eat and in the end were a very very happy and tired bunch as the coach made its way back to Prague.
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