The SANANIM Gala, organised by our very own Naomi, was a great success and raised substantial funds for the charity who thanked us in a delightful letter:
Our Dearest Naomi & David, all members of RCPI, volunteers, friends,
We sincerely thank you for once again absolutely perfect and heartfelt organization of the best-of-the-year event dedicated to SANANIM !
The 29th SANANIM Anniversary Gala at Zlata Praha was indeed splendid, as always. We can't thank you enough for all your efforts, as we fully realize that the organization is highly demanding.
Thank you for bringing together such an amazing group of people, brave and mature enough to support our non-popular topic. Even after the five years, it is hard for us to believe, that thanks to you, so many people are willing to help our cause. We may repeat ourselves, but it is still very rare. You and your friends are totally unique in your attitude, personal values and generosity. Thank you for bringing these values to the Czech Republic!
Thank you for keeping the Gala night amusing, warm, entertaining and so pleasant for everybody. Your long term support means for all of us in SANANIM more than can be expressed by words. Please, do stay with us, we will do our best to nurture our friendship forever.
Thank you ! We are looking forward to seeing you and your friends soon !