Members of Rotary Club Prague International, along with Zdeněk Střžek, owner of Bejzment Burger Pub and also the promoter of the Jack Daniel’s BurgerFest in Prague, visited Psí útulek Trója to deliver a cheque for CZK 10,000 and bags of dog food. This donation came from the proceeds of RCPI’s participation in BurgerFest 2017
Dogs are brought to Psí útulek Trója for various reasons. Some are stray dogs found wandering the Prague streets, often because owners abandon them. Lucie Skalska took the members of RCPI on a guided tour of the facilities which house on average 90 dogs at any one time. Dogs are homed in individual kennels and are given walks - a dog shelter dog walker walks up to 25km on any one day!
The shelter checks the health of every animal, they are given injections and any medical treatment needed and, after a period of acclimatisation, can be adopted by suitable new owners.
Members of RCPI were truly impressed with the high standards of the facilities and the competency and skills of the staff.