Posted on Nov 13, 2018

Prague's Charles University was the location for an international conference on Alzheimer's titled 'Making the Point', it was held under the auspices Rotarian Action Group for Peace and hosted by RCPI.

The conference invited specialists in neurodegenerative diseases to meet and learn more about their specific fields and put together a more comprehensive outlook for the disease. The discussions varied from molecular blood samples on how to phyisically manage patients with the disease.  The reason for bringing these great minds together is because in developed countries, Alzheimer's is and will continue to be a massive drain on the health and finances of many countries, as we live longer and are unable to take care of ourselves.

In the same way that Rotary has been instrumental in the eradication of Polio, it is hoped that with the help of the UN, Rotary will play a key part in the research and care of Alzheimer's patients.  It is a issue that can not be ignored for much longer by governments. Two thirds of Alzheimer's patients are women, they tend to live longer but they are also the caregivers.  If they are unable to look after themselves it leaves a real problem for someone else to deal with.  The aging population is proving to be a drain on welfare and social services throughout the developed world.

The conference discussed risk factors, possible routes of a cure and the care of those suffering.    The diagnosis of Alzheimer's is also an issue and a professor from Spain talked of how molecular genetics may improve Alzheimer's diagnosis.  Thus giving patients the opportunity to receive more specific treatments earlier and hopefully slow down the degenerative process.

Rotary Club Prague International was the host club, Helen Noll was our representative there and was able to meet with fellow Rotarians from RC New York – (host club of America and the United Nations) and members from RC Rome, Professor Sergio Bernardini who was leading the conference.

It is hoped that in the Spring, Rotarian Action Group for Peace will hold another bigger conference in Prague, as this had proved to be such a successful meeting of specialists in Alzheimer's.