Posted by Christian Noll on May 18, 2019
The sun shone and visitors streamed across the Zofin bridge to explore the many activities which the clubs and district set up as part of the 20 year celebration of District 2240. The RCPI tent was the point of orientation and welcome for visitors and it was lovely to meet and greet so many Rotarians and visitors from many countries. In the tent we exhibited pictures of the amazing work we are engaged in from Dragon Boats to Water and Sanitation projects in India. We swapped banners with other clubs and of course Ota never missed an opportunity to sell caps and shirts for good causes!
A little further on Stewart set up the Disaster Aid stand where he and volunteers demonstrated how dirty water could be turned into clean water using advanced but affordable filters as well as presenting the whole set of emergency relief capabilities which Disaster Aid Europe has at its disposal.
A big thank you to everyone who participated and and supported our club on this auspicious day where we really 'met the public in their hundreds'.