At a recent RCPI club meeting Prof. Martin Filipec presented his work with a charitable institution called Light for the World. It is a Non-govermental organization focusing on the prevention and treatment of blindness and the systemic support of people with disabilities in developing countries. He made us aware that there are 38 million blind people in the world and the most common causes of blindness in the developing world are cataract and trachoma. Cataract can be removed in a 10 minute operation and trachoma is entirely preventable. Light for the World has been operating since 1988 and has 181 projects in19 developing countries. In 2015 alone the organisation reached 1.3 million people. In Ethiopia for instance there are only 110 eye doctors caring for 100 million people so the work of Light for the World becomes a lifeline for thousands. Martin's energy, knowledge and enthusiasm gripped the room as he went on to explain the work of the organisation and the pros and cons of different aid models. His approach is a holistic one, not just eye surgery but also prevention, education and the creation of a sustainable infrastructure which has lasting impact. RCPI President Sanan thanked Martin for his speech and the club wishes him and his organisation all the best in their vital work.