Posted by Christian Noll on Oct 15, 2019
Dear Friends & Rotarians,
Thank you very much for your help and support for this year's Indian Food Helps! fund raiser for our Indian schools project.
Thanks to you, whether you promoted, ordered food for yourself, delivered food, or all three as some Rotarians did. We sold 735 lunches which is 10 more than last year and a new record. As a result we made 59,260 Kč which is also a record. Very well done.
A thank you mail has been sent to every organisation and individual who ordered along with the certificate of appreciation which is attached also for you.
Special thanks must go first and naturally to Mamun without whose hard work and generosity this would not be possible and also to our dedicated delivery Superstars who did a truly amazing job this year.
We will be in India once again in January to see how our efforts help more children and more schools. If you are interested in joining, do please contact me.
Best regards,
Gerry Tipple