Posted on Mar 30, 2019
When cleaning out in Spring this year please think of orphans in Dětský dům Senožaty / and bring all items you will no more need on Monday  APRIL 29,2019 FROM 2 - 6 PM to hotel HOLIDAY INN (our normal meeting venue) prior to our regular meeting.
A truck from Senožaty will come /with some children to help onloading/ and you will have a nice feeling of HAVING FUN BY DOING GOOD.
In this House of orphans children are staying up to 18 years of age and are being helped to arrange their new life incl household so, any thing is being needed /clothing, shoes, non-used TV sets, chairs, toys,etc./
On behalf of all children from Senožaty I just: THANK YOU.
Marie Jehličková
MC Chair