Július Tomka introduced members and friends of RCPI to the strategy of District 2240 at our recent club meeting. In his speech he outlined the three themes of Membership, Image and Opportunities for the Young and being central to the work of Rotary International at the district level. With over 1400 members and 76 clubs, the district covers the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Clubs range from RCPI as the largest with 50 members to smaller clubs with less than 10 members. Yulo encouraged Rotarians to share the ideas and collaborate at District events so that best practice is transmitted from one club to another. "not everything which is applicable in a club of 50 members will be practical in a small club" said Yulo, "however many good ideas can be shared and adapted to work".
Yulo went on to explain how 3 new clubs are in the process of being founded at the moment and how he believes we can strengthen the collaboration with Roteract throughout the district.
Helen Noll, President of RCPI, thanked Yulo for visiting our club and for his very informative presentation. The club gave Yulo a warm reception with a hearty round of applause. Yulo was accompanied by Ilja Chocholous who is well known to members of RCPI through his great support of activities including the Annual Dragon Boat Event