Disaster Aid Europe z.s, (DAE), a project of Rotary Club Prague International (RCPI), is focused on helping rebuild communities after disasters. Disaster Aid Europe’s goal in Beirut is to assist Lebanese Rotary & Rotaract Clubs helping in supporting the communities severely affected by the 4th August 2020 explosion in Beirut. 300,000 homes were destroyed, and many have homes with no windows and doors as well as other damage.
Stuart Amesbury, a DAE Trustee and member of RCPI, made his first visit to Beirut in August to assess needs, and work with Rotarians & Rotaractors to assess the extensive damage to the Rosary Sisters Hospital – a self-funded 200 bed community day hospital near the blast zone operating as a NGO – and in planning for the repair and reconstruction of the facilities and re-equipping of the hospital.
A second visit to Beirut was made in October by Stuart Amesbury and Dr. Stan Kusy (RC Praha) who carried out a more detailed assessment of the hospital needs and planning together with the local clubs. On this trip they also delivered LuminAID solar lamps and Sawyer clean water filter kits to the local communities.
In a DAE more recent December visit to Beirut by Stuart Amesbury and Ľubica Horváthová (Rotaract), two Sky Hydrants (water filtration systems) were delivered, and one was installed, commissioned, and is now working at the Rosary Sisters Hospital. All has been done in coordination with the local clubs, and assistance was provided in the distribution of donated supplies in conjunction with the local Rotaractors. DAE is now working to obtain the significant funds needed for the hospital through fundraising and from several sources which amongst others, include a Rotary Foundation global grant (by RC Zgharta Zawieh’s with RCPI as the international partner) and an application for a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The target is to raise US$250,000 for the ICU unit at the Rosary Sisters Hospital.
For further information on DAE and on this project please click here: https://disasteraideurope.com/projects/beirut-appeal/