Our recent club meeting was dedicated to the appreciation wine and , of course, having fun together with doing good. Martin Filipec, the founder of "The Wine Society" and head sommelier Regina Chlumska guided us through a selection of red and white wines from Italy, Austria, France and Spain. Starting with a fresh and slightly acidic Gruener Veltliner  and finishing with the full bodied Puteus Salice from Puglia. The journey was one of attention to detail, explanations, however ultimately a very personal experience since no wine tastes quite the same to two indioviduals. We also learnt about leaf days, fruit days and the bio calender of days when some consider wine to be at its best or worst. A most enjoyable evening which fused great wine with great friendship in the most delightful surroundings of The Wine Society Cellar.
The Wine Society is an exclusive club whose members enjoy an exclusive wine lounge, diverse tastings and a wide selection of wines selected to be consumed for pleasure. www.winesociety.cz