We live in uncertain times. COVID-19 has imposed changes in our way of living as humans, citizens and professionals; as Rotarians.
We’ve had to postpone some fundraising events, celebrations, and projects scheduled for the coming months. The wonderful Dragon Boat Charity Challenge, a special activity for SKP HOPO - Azylový dům or our visit to the Prague Zoo with the children of Žatec dětský domov as examples.
As painful as this was, the members of RCPI still found ways of helping those in need.
In March, we started a fundraising campaign for ŽIVOT 90, in helping finance safety aids and supporting the Coordination Centre for Crisis Aid to the Elderly. A place where senior people can ask for help in delivering groceries, medicaments, or for a volunteer with whom they can stay in contact for their daily necessities. https://www.darujme.cz/projekt/1202809.
Presently and until April 24th, the Club is supporting ŽIVOT 90 by making-up and delivering lunches throughout Prague. Furthermore, to provide financial assistance in purchasing protective clothing and equipment for those volunteers helping seniors https://rotarypragueinternational.org/.
Only on Thursday, volunteers delivered 57 lunches.
We have had some inspired initiatives from our members, such as delivering delicious cakes to the medical staff of Kladno Hospital to help them celebrate Easter, providing used laptops to single mothers for school lessons for their children, and medical clothing to Na Homolce hospital.
While COVID-19 might have brought to a halt many aspects of our lives, it couldn´t stop Rotarians as people of action. Our weekly meetings, now online, have continued uninterrupted and on more than one occasion, we have discussed that we believe in the possible transformation this crisis can bring for both individuals and collectivities. We know the challenges ahead will remain daunting, but we are involved, we are engaged, and we are Rotarians continually on the look-out for avenues of service.
Yours in Rotary,
Fernanda Escobar Illoldi
President 2019-2020