Our Caribbean 'flight of the imagination' party was heralded a great success by all who attended. Almost 100 people came to this event and all agreed that the food was great, the wine superb and the entertainment perfect. Even better, there were no check-in queues, no lost baggage and no delays.! Best of all, more than 120,000 Kc was raised and after paying a few bills the proceeds will go to the RI Haiti relief fund.


It was an evening into which almost all the possibilities were packed. We started with rum cocktails accompanied by the maestro Petr Frishcmann on the paino. There was time for a Tombola, an auction, 5 courses of great food, A great singer, a DJ, dancing and even a Caribbean quiz.Thanks to Ulf for the brilliant flight idea, Vanessa for all the creative execution, the Hotel Palace for generous hosting arrangements - especially allowing our members to "help" with food preparation in the kitchen, George and Bea for providing the wines, Turkish airlines and others who gave wonderful tombola and auction gifts, members who waited on tables and just everyone who came and supported the event. Special mention should perhaps also be given to Google who provided many people with most of the answers to the evening's quiz resulting in an exciting play-off which Jamaica finally one.