Posted by Christian Noll on Aug 21, 2017
Bob Boudreaux joined Rotarians and friends at our meeting this week as our guest speaker. Bob started his career in the US military, however decided that addressing audiences was more his thing and, after leaving his post as a helicopter flight instructer, took on a post as television news reporter and anchorman. After 13 years as Channel 13 news anchor, it was a chance meeting with Guy Roberts at the Huston Shakespeare festival which changed his career direction once more and Bob joined The Prague Shakespeare Company where he has continued his acting career.
"Shakespeare in English language is not a new idea." said Bob, "After the plague struck in England all theatres were closed whilst those in central Europe remained open. A number of actors traveled to Bohemia in order to make a living and brought with them English language Shakespeare".
Bob enthralled the audience with an explanation of the cadence of Shakespeare "10 beats a line - just like the human heart when spoken" and the background to a production which Bob is producing which has a very personal connection: Man of La Mancha written by Dale Wasserman. Bob told the audience that this play was the career tipping point for him from flight instructor to actor. "I saw the play whilst on a short leave from the services. It just captured me as it has captured audiences ever since. A play within a play within a play. A story of transformation which is as applicable now as it was when first written. It is all about recognising the good in others and transforming." Our very own RCPI Member, Linda, has recently published an interview with Lane Davis who start in the production.
Man of La Mancha plays from the 6th of October in Prague.
Bob is a former Rotarian and Paul Harris fellow.