Posted on Oct 28, 2022
We have celebrated the 28th October in style! 🇨🇿 🌍 🌳
We planted trees at Račiněves to commemorate Sir Nicholas Winton and him saving 669 Jewish children.
The event was organized by Nadace Partnerství and supported by our Rotary Club Prague International. We planted 91 trees and 58 bushes not far from the legendary Říp mountain.
Prime Minister Petr Fiala attended the event in the morning and Czech railways provided the transportation for volunteers.
We were touched to meet 4 children saved by Nicholas Winton - Lady Milena Grenfell - Baines, Mrs. Zuzana Marešová, Lord Alfred Dubs and pplk. Jiri Pavel Kafka.
Visit the alley and read the messages for the future we have left there. 
Well done our president Radka Rajská and also president Mary Spinks of the Rotary Club Maidenhead in UK where Sir Nicholas Winton was a member.
Huge thanks to Jonathan Wootliff and Helena Kovaříková for organization.
Thanks to Nick Winton for reminding us to care about refugees.
Thanks to David Maxa from Ec chajim Praha for festive words and blessings.
Thanks to young children signing from Lauders school Ose shalom…Make peace had a true meaning these days. 🇺🇦
Thanks to HE Anna Azari from 🇮🇱 and also deputy ambassador Kate Davenport from 🇬🇧.
Great admiration to mayor of Račiněves, Mrs. Vaclava Zelenkova, for her work. 
Great to see more than 450 people participating.
Thanks to all participating for such a special occasion.