Posted by Christian Noll on Aug 14, 2017
Gabriela Selinger and Pavel Kholl joined our recent club meeting to present the work of SKP HOPO, Středisko křesťanské pomoci Horní Počernice, the Christian Aid Centre which provides accommodation and care for displaced families. Gabriela explained how easy it is to fall into a poverty trap and how families are often separated in the process of being placed in the social system, SKP HOPO differentiates by offering accommodation for entire families so that the family unit remains together at this crucial time of stress and change.
Over 3000 individuals have been helped by the centre since its founding in 1999, with around about 80 people in residence at any one time. The foundation has been restoring and adding to the large historic castle in Praze-Horních Počernicích which was  used as an orphanage from 1927 to 1947 and then underwent a series of ownership changes including nationalisation.
"There are many stories of people who need help due to being made homeless", said Gabriela, "some are due to a series of incidents which build up over time and result in a family loosing its home. It is out mission to assist and help through housing and other means to put these families back on their feet."
The maximum stay for a family at the foundation is one year as dictated by Czech law. Club members asked Gabriela and Pavel many questions and if you would like more information about the work of the foundation please contact Gabriela by EMAIL.