Posted by Christian Noll on Feb 12, 2019
Armed with a pencil and paper Josef Orei had a great idea back in 1992. Having left his previous employer he was involved in research which led to him and his associates filing a patent to detect substances. The group left the research establishment, acquired the rights to the patent and set up their own company which has since grown into one of the foremost suppliers of equipment to detect noxious and dangerous agents including chemical weapons. Josef explained to members that at any one time there are many thousands of tons of dangerous chemicals on the move by road, sea and air and that in the event of an accident detection and decontamination is critical. Oritest supplies fire brigades, rescue services, decontamination units and the military throughout the world with detection and protection equipment.
As the owner of the company Josef is also supportive of community projects and has sponsored projects throughout the world including a music school and is seeking closer collaboration with Rotary International. RCPI president Josef Simpartl thanked Josef for his very interesting and informative presentation.