Posted by Christian Noll on Jun 02, 2017
As the Rotary year draws to a close, RCPI president Sanan Phutrakul addressed the members at our recent meeting. "It has been an outstanding year" commented Sanan, reflecting on the many achievements of the club. RCPI raised over CZK 1.2m for charity through a wide range of events which culminated in the annual Dragon Boat Charity Challenge which raised over CZK 500,000 on one day.
Many new members have joined the club and we have bid some farewell as they have moved away. We have enjoyed social events as well as many occasions where we have come together to raise funds including selling mulled wine, Burger fest, members for members parties and of course the Sananim Gala Dinner.
Our aim is to be awarded a Rotary Presidential Citation for the great work we have done throughout the year." Sanan presented the goals and targets which the club has to meet by the end of June 2017 in order to achieve a citation. "We are on track in many respects and just need a little bit of a push in some areas where we are just short of achieving the goal."
Helen Noll will take on the role of RCPI President for the Rotary Year 2017/18.