Friendly advice and guidelines for speakers at our club.
Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and include at least 10 different nationalities and they are quite capable of showing extraordinary interest in all kinds of topics. However, it is a good idea to bear in mind the following advice.
  • Speakers should be brief. No more than 15 minutes before 'question time' (unless prior approval of the President because it concerns some issue considered very important for the club.)
  • Powerpoint or other slide presentations are ok, but remember rule1 and please don't come with 20 slides loaded with detail and/or your 50 favourite pictures.
  • No self promotion! This means we don't allow people to come and explain their commercial enterprise. If someone has an interesting job in the voluntary sector that's obviously different.
  • As speaker should be briefly introduced by his/her sponsor who should be clear about why members might be interested in the topic as well as give brief biographical detail. (Which the speaker him/herself will not need to repeat!)
  • Be satisfyingly short with answers to questions so we have time for more of them before members get 'turned off'. A question is not a reason to repeat half the presentation or talk another 5 minutes.
Bearing this advice in mind, all our speakers will find that we are a very friendly club and will give everyone a warm welcome and a fair hearing.