• Staffan Erenmalm (Chair)
  • Helen Noll
  • Helena Kovaříková
  • Nelly Jenicek-Morisson
  • Marie Jehličková
  • Naomi Sullivan-Callender
  • Gerry Tipple
What we do:
The President has asked all board members to create sub-committees for increased board meeting efficiency.  The Board takes formal decisions on projects go-no go, but based upon proposal from the project committee. Who actually evaluate the ideas being proposed by all club members, big and small projects alike.
So ultimately the committee review project ideas, select among all the ideas, approve the ideas once plans and budget are in place, and ultimately forward them to the board for official approval.
The Main tasks for committee are:
  • Coordinate dates to make sure we don’t run two projects simultaneously, and thereby make sure we have enough resources available to participate in the projects
  • Review project plans, checking that there is a project plan, and time plan, in place with resources assigned and a budget for the the actual running of the projects as well as the expected charity surplus. Especially important to judge the financial risks involved and the cash flow situation.
  • Be a team of experts that can guide other club members and support new project ideas
  • Constantly encourage all club members to initiate projects (also smaller projects). A project can only be successful if someone is burning for the cause and drive the project forward.
  • Share best practices
And finally: Having FUN, Doing Good