• Christian Noll (Chair)
  • Jonathan Wootliff
  • Marie Jehlickova
  • Rainer Frank
RCPI Public Relations Committee - What we do.
The PR committee is tasked by the Board to promote the Club both internally and externally. Primary responsibility is to maintain the website and facebook pages. Event specific communications are put in place for key fund raising activities such as the Dragon Boat Racing. The PR Committee is also responsible for to ensure the smooth operation, management and maintenance of the ClubRunner platform including features such as web, contacts, email, events, calender.
2017 Projects and Priorities
The PR committee has a lot to do in 2017. Here we have outlined some of the key items we intend to address:
  • Increase membership of the PR Committee
  • Teach and share information about the technical aspects of running the website with other committee members
  • Increase coverage of RCPI activities through other publications / websites
  • Increase the distribution of The Bulletin to create wider awareness of the work of RCPI
  • Publish video interviews with key individuals representing aspects of Rotary.
  • Promote the 2017 Dragon Boat Charity Challenge
  • Publish more articles at the District Level in Czech and English (Facebook)
  • Engage more members in social media activities
  • Become a showcase for Rotary PR at the District Level to inspire others