The Indian Food for Indian schools project was more successful than ever in 2016.
A record 547 Indian lunches were delivered to hungry customers over 9 days during October. Thanks to additional donations from Rotarians we were able to send 250,000 Indian Rupees [94,000 Kč] to support one large primary school and an anganwadi in Rajsamand. 
175 Children were helped and the school was provided with some computer equipment, classroom furniture and kitchen equipment as well as sports & music supplies.
11 More able children with good academic results from poorer families who were also given financial scholarships.
We also visited schools that were helped in 2013 and 2014 and were pleased to notice that progress had been maintained.
A typical classroom before upgrading
The school celebrates the help of RCPI with this poster
The bags are ready for distribution to the children
Scholarship 1000 R (370 CZK) for each of 10 poorest children with the best studying results.
The school bags are distributed - the content is tailored based on age and need
Delighted children receive bags, blankets, shoes
For the children the distribution of the bags is a major occasion
Typical content of a school bag - all made possible through the generous donations
Just one of the many sheets of the inventory of the donated items