We are happy to announce 
The 14th Fabulous Year of the
Saturday, 11 May 2024
at Žluté lázně, Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, 140 00 Praha 4 - Podolí.

The Rotary Dragon Boat Charity Challenge is the premier charity event of a Prague events calendar. It’s an event that combines Team building, Corporate social responsibility, live entertainment and family fun in one great program. The sight of teams of highly motivated paddlers going all out for the finish line makes an exciting spectacle that draws big crowds.

Each year, we have about 20 teams having fun and competing to win the much coveted Charity Challenge trophy and the honor of being champions. Spectators line the banks of the Vltava to admire the exciting spectacle of the dragon boats themselves as well as the creative costumes of the paddlers.

This event is about raising money for local charities that do invaluable work in supporting and helping those in need. For 2024, we have five charity partners who will share the proceeds: ŽIVOT 90, APLA Jižní Čechy, Centrum BAZALKA, SANANIM, and MODRÝ KLÍČ.

No experience is necessary to take part. If you can get at least 17 people together you can bring a team and be part of this great event. One thing you can be sure of – you’ll have lots of fun!