Two Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities arise from the Dragon Boat Charity Challenge® which can help you achieve your corporate CSR objectives.

100% of the money generated by the Team that raises the most money over and above the minimum 15,000 Kc Charity Donation can go to that Team’s Charity of choice

The Rotary Dragon Boat Charity Challenge is an opportunity for all to engage in a friendly competition to raise money for charity, because no matter who wins the Challenge, all involved are winners. Follow these tips to maximise your participation.

Internal Team Building: It’s a race, 17 people to a boat. To win takes teamwork. It takes teamwork and good ideas to raise the most money for Charity, too. Challenge your team to be the best. Note that crew members can be rotated in three heats. Though with this many paddlers, two boats would be much more fun!

Internal Competition: A company with 2 or more boats in the race raises the bar exponentially, because now the competition is not just external – it’s internal, too. Keep it friendly and fun, but boasting rights go to the team that wins the race or raises the most money

Boost Your Image: Highlight your participation in your marketing materials, on your web site, on your documentation. Encourage your partners to come and enjoy the day. Host them in your tent! Encourage them to compete. Give them seats in the boat and a paddle. Show that you are a ‘socially responsible’ organization and support your community.
Incentive Marketing: With two or more boats, you could provide a boat in a “co-sponsor” arrangement to your favorite or most important customers, letting them compete against each other to raise the most money for a Charity of your choice..
Make It A Contest: With just one boat, you could create an internal or external contest – company departments, external vendors or even consumers – can all be encouraged to raise money for Charity, with the whomever raising the most money getting the right to race under your Team banner, with all funds raised credited to your Team.
Make It A Challenge: With two or more boats, as with an Internal Competition, you can offer the boats to customers, suppliers, schools, your favorite charity – the list goes on – and then challenge them all to raise the most money for your Charity. Incentivize them by supplying Team outfits or costumes, prizes for the winners, recognition and other rewards. Then challenge them to win the actual race or one of the contests on event day, and reward them again.
If you would like to discuss your ideas for creating maximum exposure, raising the most money for Charity, or winning it all on event day, we’re happy to help!

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