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At a recent RCPI club meeting Prof. Martin Filipec presented his work with a charitable institution called Light for the World. It is a Non-govermental organization focusing on the prevention and treatment of blindness and the systemic support of people with disabilities in developing countries. He made us aware that there are 38 million blind people in the world and the most common causes of blindness in the developing world are cataract and trachoma. Cataract can be removed in a 10 minute operation and trachoma is entirely preventable. Light for the World has been operating since 1988 and has 181 projects in19 developing countries. In 2015 alone the organisation reached 1.3 million people. In Ethiopia for instance there are only 110 eye doctors caring for 100 million people so the work of Light for the World becomes a lifeline for thousands. Martin's energy, knowledge and enthusiasm gripped the room as he went on to explain the work of the organisation and the pros and cons of different aid models. His approach is a holistic one, not just eye surgery but also prevention, education and the creation of a sustainable infrastructure which has lasting impact. RCPI President Sanan thanked Martin for his speech and the club wishes him and his organisation all the best in their vital work.
RCPI Member Josef Simpartl organised a club visit to Sananim, a charity which works hard to help those overcoming drug addiction. Their mission statement includes the following phrase:
'We do not wish to walk indifferently away from those who have lost faith in themselves'
The facility we visited is above Prague 5: a centre which treats men and woman, with their families to get well after the effects of drug addiction. They learn skills along the way, making cheese from their own goats, growing vegetables and also run a cafe in Prague – Cafe Therapy!
For us they laid on some clay works, it was easy to see how this therapy can be helpful, it is relaxing but also consumes the mind, we were very quiet whilst concentrating on various bowls, plates and mugs.  In November RCPI will hold a major fund-raising event for Sananim, as we did last year and it is great to see and hear what work they are doing.  They success rate is around 70% of people being clean after one year and they are the only place in the Czech Republic that accepts broken families, they all need healing. The team at Sananim are caring and compassionate, it takes a special kind of person to work in this type of environment.
Matej Novak, the organiser of TEDx Prague visited our club and made a great TEDx style presentation about TEDx. Now what does this all mean? You may ask. TED was born in 1984 out of Richard Saul Wurman's observation of a powerful convergence among three fields: technology, entertainment and design. The first TED included a demo of the compact disc, the e-book and cutting-edge 3D graphics, while mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines using his developing theory of fractal geometry. TED became so popular that it spawned TEDx - locally organised events which follow the principles of TED.
The most important aspects of a TEDx talk is that it has to be 'an idea worth spreading' and has to be delivered in 18 minutes. There are over 30,000 talks in the free library to date originating from 133 countries.
Matej organises the annual TEDx Prague conference which will take place on the 30th October. The theme of this year's conference is “Ours and theirs”. Among other things, this also concerns current society-wide issues.
Sanan, RCPI President, thanked Matej for a very interesting talk and a concept 'definitely worth sharing'.
A welcome from RCPI President Sanan Phutrakul
Dear Members, Friends and prospective Members,,
I would like to welcome you to the Rotary Club of Prague International (RCPI), based in one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. Founded in 1998, RCPI is the largest and only English-speaking Rotary club in District 2240, with a professionally and culturally diverse membership. Our club prides itself on the service projects we carry out year-to-year, as well as a breadth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm our club members bring with them.
This year’s theme is “Rotary Serving Humanity”, and as you can see on the following pages, that is exactly what our club does… serve people who are in need. Whether it is supporting local charities like Modrý Klíč or supplying clean water to communities in India, RCPI members are committed to service above self through a robust and entertaining schedule of activities and events that we schedule throughout the year.
My goals for the year are focused on New Generations Service with an emphasis on Rotaract and Interact club support; supporting our growing membership in both acquisition and retention; support for the Rotary Foundation centennial anniversary; and strengthening community outreach with local businesses and organizations through various activities planned throughout the year.
I am proud and honoured to represent the Rotary Club of Prague International and I wish a very warm welcome to you all.
RC Prague International

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